1. Portfolio Handling Service – PHS

            The service is being offered to people who does have money to commit in the Equity markets but does not find time to trade themselves.

            The characteristics of the service is more like to that of Portfolio Management Services (PMS) but the difference here is that one does not have to transfer any money to any other account and everything remains in investors name. The handling of the portfolio is done in concurrence with the account holder.

            Product suits only for those with capital of Rs.3/- Lacs and more.

            For complete details contact the below mentioned email id.

2. Equity Portfolio Building Service – EPBS

            Product suits those who do not want to trade in the markets regularly but would like to invest for longer term by building a strong portfolio with regular reviews.

            The service provides in constructing a portfolio, and suits investors with minimum of Rs.10/- Lacs of capital.

            For complete details contact the below mentioned email id.

Both the above services are handled by Vivek Karwa, Interested Investors meeting the above Capital Requirements can contact on Email:-

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