Say Yes/No to FDI

Namaste Friends,
Parliament Session starts today and amid fireworks Govt is likely to pass the bill to Increase FDI in Insurance. Till date India is safe may be because we did not have huge foreign holdings in Banks, Insurance etc., and the names heard in the turmoil from India were Merrill Lynch, AIG, CITI never Lets us Sleep, Our own ICICI Bank (Majority Foreign Holding)
Hence we can discuss, how safe is it to Increase FDI’s in core sectors? Should the Govt pass such bills and if yes what precautions should be taken?
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1 thought on “Say Yes/No to FDI

  1. CAZ

    This Congress Govt is Taking all decisions in Haste and Turmoil. What is so critical a Decision relating to the Lifes of All Citizens of India, One Expects so Intelligent Debate by Experts, Especially on the Floor of Parliament.
    These are not decisions Which are to be taken when the World is in a Financial Turmoil. Also, The Country is about to go for Elections. Critical Decisions about Economy, Society/Law, Defense, Foreign Affairs, etc which affect All Citizen Are Things which are to be taken Immediately after forming a New Govt with Popular Mandate. Not When the Govt is about to Step Down.
    The Country is busy licking it’s wounds caused by the International Money Managers and War Mongers. Govt Should find a more appropriate time to take these critical decisions so that, People can take sides and influence in a Democratic Manner.



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