Queries on Financial Planning Answered

Get any One query on Financial Planning answered. Send your question to vivek@karwa.co.in or in the comments section and the same would be published with the answer. Nothing other than Name of your would be disclosed on the page for privacy sake. If the question is too personal then the same would be posted without any identity.


Sample of Questions:


1. Iam Rajnikanth 30 yrs old from Chennai. I would like to accumulate Rs.10000000/- when Iam of age 50 what is the suggested amount I should invest every month/ every year?


2. Iam Aishwarya 45 yrs old from amritsar, married and well settled. I earn Rs.10000/- every month working part time and my son now 5 yrs old would require Rs.500000/- (todays value) when he goes to college at age 20. How should I plan?


3. I have invested in the following MF schemes…. Iam Ratan 55 yrs old working in Army will  retire at 60 and go back to my native jamshedpur. I would like to get Rs.10000/- cq every month on retiring. What should I invest in and how should I plan?


Use the opportunity which comes without any riders and direct from Vivek Karwa, Certified Financial PlannerCM


7 thoughts on “Queries on Financial Planning Answered

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  2. Vivek Karwa Post author


    It is stocx query and not a FP query. Iam introducing a new category for stock queries where in people can post their views freely. I hope that would help u.

    Vivek Karwa, CFP


  3. Menon

    Dear mr.karwa,

    I was browsing to know more about ULIP (united linked insurance policies) as iam being pressurised by my agent to take a policy. Iam delighted to learn about your good work. thanks. my agent has proposed a policy in which iam insured for 20 lakhs and would be paying 25000 premium. Iam informed by my agent that I will have to pay the amount just for 3 years and then can stop paying premiums but after 10 years iam assured of rs.10 lakhs. kindly help.


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  5. Vivek Karwa Post author

    Hi Dilip,

    Your Q is incomplete, see the sample questions for reference. I specifically require your investment break up in to small cap and mid cap %tage wise. Your age and the time horizon u r looking at from today.

    Vivek Karwa, CFP



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