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My name is arpan living in Kolkatta earning around 500000 lacs. Iam 26 years old single living with parents. I wanted to know what would be the value of my investment when iam 32 years old. Iam planning to marry at the age 32 and above and would like to put the least burden on my parents. I have done SIP in two funds for 10000 each. My existing value of investment in frontline mutual fund is 350856.94. Keep my email id hidden. Thanks in advance.




Dear Arpan,


Firstly let me congratulate on the view of yours of not putting much burden on parents & also on being the first person to put a question on this section. Secondly I presume, by the profile of yours that the household burden is still not on your shoulders and your parents are taking care of everything else and you are just engaged in work.


From 26 to 32 you have 6 years of time frame.


Assuming you get 15% on your SIP’s the worth at the age 32 would be : Rs.2313472/-


Further your existing investment of Rs.350000/- (rounded) would be Rs: 809571/-


Total of all investments comes to Rs.3123043/-


Consider a inflation of 5% on average for the next 6 years then the worth of the above money in today’s term would be Rs.2330463/-



Vivek Karwa


Note: Please round of the figures you send in future as few hundred rupees would not make any big impact.

3 thoughts on “FP Query

  1. Vivek Karwa

    Hi Deepak,
    15% returns over long term (here 6 years) is quite justified. Also market being at such low levels we can expect that return atleast, if 15% also is not possible then its of no use being in markets especially when the interest rates have peaked out.
    Further 5% inflation is also reasonable since that too probably has peaked out and if theres recession world over we can assume a higher inflation, may be we can take it at 6% and any figure beyond that would make saving very difficult as the returns would be too low which would definetly deter investors from saving!
    Vivek Karwa
    Certified Financial Planner


  2. Deepak Kharbanda

    I would only partially agree to the sugggestion given as 1) Assuming 15 % CAGR return from a SIP is high as it is not a lumsum Investment 2) Assuming a avg infletion of just 5 % is also not justice though we r talking about 6 years .



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