MarketFastFood-FE – 081112


– The bounce market saw on 10th was more due to global cues rather than any other particular news. A appropriate message was sent to you all which read as follows… “….China Balm effect on the mkts. How far will this go is the Q” and as anticipated the effect of the balm has dies down much faster in India than other Asian countries. (If u r not getting the messages join by clicking the link provided in this site)


– We spoke well in details about the dummy threats of Laloo of resigning over the MNS issue, and past few days there’s no news from him if he is ever going to act. You all must be knowing the phrase “barking dogs seldom bite” The fact is public is the last interest when it comes to power. All these dummy threats can only become reality if congress performs badly in the assembly elections this month, thats because its easy to hit a demotivated person which congress will be if it looses MP, Rajasthan, Delhi.

– We spoke about targets of 2800 or even 2740 to be visited which got negated due to China balm, but they would again haunt us after the wipe out of all the points added in last two days. The immediate support for the market comes at 2880 for Nifty spot. We are in broad range and we will continue to see spikes either ways. Keep visiting the website for other news and updates.


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