Free Financial Planning


Get your Financial Planning done for Free!


   1. We promise that we will not make any effort to sell or push any companies’ product to anyone joining this offer. Hence it’s totally genuine, unlike others who only aim for commissions while advising.

   2. The offer for the time being is valid only for those residing in and around Chennai.

   3. If you want to avail the scheme and benefit out of it, send a direct mail to for all details.

   4. Due to confidentiality of the idea behind this scheme the details are not being made public.

   5. The offer may be withdrawn anytime without any notice. Also ask your near and dear ones to avail the offer and get benefited.




Vivek Karwa, CFPCM


What is Financial Planning? & Why Financial Planning? Visit:-


1 thought on “Free Financial Planning

  1. Major

    This service by mr.vivek karwa has been of great help to me. I was carrying few myths about my financial position which were disposed off thanks to vivek again. Iam for sure in a better position after availing this service and would urge everyone to use the opportunity.
    Being a major in the army I prefer not to disclose my name and affirm that their is only gain in the offer.
    god bless you all.



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