Raining Money, Responsibility?

+ Its raining money out there, the excitement is at its height, let’s rejoice and share the moment of joy. Who said it’s recession time? You, by now, most probably be thinking that Vivek has gone mad and is not writing in his actual senses. How could one speak on such a bull tone when Indian Stock Market has lost its bottom, inflation is biting into our pockets hour by hour, one is not sure after returning home if he will have his job tomorrow or not. Relax the remarks are not for me or you, they are for our beloved central government officers who have reason to celebrate as the recent pay commission bill would finally be implemented. Read the news bit… “In a bonanza to officers of Central Public Sector Undertakings, the government on Thursday announced a hefty 50 to 300 per cent increase in pay-package with effect from January 1, 2007. A Cabinet meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, approved the new scales for 1,20,000 non-unionised supervisory staff and 2,58,000 board level officers in 216 operational Central PSUs” Call it a poll gimmick, or is the pay hike is in recognition of the services of these officers (which most of us may not agree) would remain answered.


+ Some of you may ask… we all seek salary hikes from our bosses. Every human being has aspirations and expects his income to rise year on year. Though the timing may be wrong, as the financial crises is on its peak, but there’s nothing wrong with the salary hike of government employees. With due respect to all those who may come with an argument in support of the hike, let’s introspect. Private sector employees are loaded with work pressures, there are targets set by the employers, which have to be met or you may be shown the door. You must have reasons to ask for a hike, unless and otherwise you prove to be productive you would not be paid a paisa. None of these factors apply to a government servant! There’s no go for you on this, you will have to agree with me on this.


+ We must have many times read in various sources, and would also agree that most (baring few honest human beings) of the Govt. employees earn atleast Three times their official salaries. Lets forget other benefits they enjoy. This Three times is an average estimate, it could be less in some departments and may be multiple times in others, I must remind that this money is unaccounted and hence totally tax exempt, unless caught which is rare. Further this hike (50 – 300%) comes with NO ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITY!


+ If we get a hike in our salary, no doubt more work is squeezed out of us and are also made responsible for failures. Has any Govt. employee ever been questioned why does our drainage system fail correctly on the day it rains? Why was it not checked before the monsoon season set in?


+ Many examples can be mentioned from our day-to-day life, which would reflect failures of Govt. departments in various fronts and we are sure no action against them would be ever taken on account of their association with various labour unions.


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2 thoughts on “Raining Money, Responsibility?

  1. Vivek Karwa Post author

    Agreed on competition part but on PSU part… hard to digest some of the recommendations when I read the “Central Sixth Pay Commission Report”
    It will not stop here wait… and we will hear others being included, already the report speaks abt Semi-Govt depts, Autonomous Dept, etc.,
    Anyways this is going to widen the fiscal deficit.
    And yes… PSU employees too make lot of money, cant specify here.

    Vivek Karwa


  2. Rakesh Samar

    What you say should apply 100% to a Govt Office or a department but here we are talking of PSU which are all commercial organizations. They have to compete with the private sector and the employees are having a hard time too. The Private sector is luring away the good guys, so PSU have to retain them by whatever means. Even today, the salary differential in private and public sector specially amongst the higher scales is very high with private sector paying them as much as 10 times that of public sector. No wonder there is an exodus.

    Regarding corruption, are you aware that it is rampant in india, be it private sector be it public. I have seen many many many private sector accounts and purchase people take money for granting favours, lab people for passing samples and ignoring sub standard material being supplied etc.

    I am happy with the hike. Additional responsibility is coming with a freeze in fresh employment. People out there have to work like dogs as well.

    Note: I am not a PSU employee. I was one around 20 years back with NTPC.



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