MFF – 081123 – 1020 Hrs

+ Market Fast Food last few days was repeatedly quoting target of 2525 on Nifty, which was finally met. We saw that on Thursday and after trading around that mark for quite some time the market finally recovered a bit to close above that mark. You all must have received, through the MFF Free SMS Group, the link of the article published during Deepavali. That post had given a target of 7550 for Dow and 6970 in worst. Also Nifty worst-case scenario target was mentioned at 2040 – 1840. Nifty target of 2525 was an interim one and let’s hope the up move seen after that follows on to next week.


+ It is our endeavor to post the best possible inputs on Indian Stock Markets on MFF website and hence keep returning and print the word Market-Fast-Food in your brain. Not just news about Bombay Stock Exchange – BSE or National Stock Exchange – NSE, other topics are covered as well, like Indian Economy, Financial Planning, Commodities including precious once like Gold and Silver and Forex is another interesting topic. For e.g., a report on Gold was posted where in Analysts has suggested buying Gold, and saw what happened yesterday? Gold shot up by $63 an ounce. One person has sent a mail thanking for it (I assume he had bought) I request everyone to post the comments here itself so that the world can read those words.


+ There are big questions looming on minds of investors if the Friday’s move would continue. India though de-coupled (many would not dare to use this word now) fundamentally with rest of the world is totally coupled with the moves other Stock Markets make across the globe. If things stay as they are today and no further bad news flows, Stock Market in India would be the first to recover, for sure. But as said India will take cues from America and I see not much relief yet in that country.


+ Let’s hope the worst is over in US but the condition of GM and CITI will continue to haunt. US administration mostly would come to rescue of GM but CITI which still has employees of around 3.5 Lacs globally is a big question mark. We don’t know what will happen and we cant do anything to help them as well, we can only hope that if at all they have to collapse let them do it immediately at least we would know that we can move forward now onwards.


+ Even if markets recover in India they would do it within a range. I hope everyone remembers the range MFF has mentioned, 8000 – 12000 most probably would be the boundaries for the markets till the next Govt. at the centre takes oath. The immediate resistance for Dow comes at 8240 and then at 8495. If these are broken on Monday or Tuesday we will see our markets recover as well hence no point discussing Technical Levels for Nifty or Sensex.


1 thought on “MFF – 081123 – 1020 Hrs

  1. priten thakkar

    can u highlight on the case of ketan parekh. and harshad mehta…how the fraud and how sebi and market react on it?? as a student of mba finance ..i just want to study the detail of it.



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