Youth is the Future of India

“Many partygoers were taken into custody in Mumbai in October’08 amidst lot of protest by them. Urine and Blood samples were collected from all and the report says 70% of them tested positive for drugs consumption.”


+ Youth is the future of India! This is a phrase we hear quiet often and must have heard those words ourselves when we were in college. A Youth may be defined as a person who is in the age range of 25 – 35 years and hence I myself fall in this category. Our seniors expect us to lead the country march ahead. The country can leap ahead if today’s Indian Youth contributes to the nation by his deeds, which result in creation Economic Value. This is by way of Intellectual Knowledge, Social Activities (Not Partying), Sharing of Know How, Giving a Helping had to those requiring etc.


+ Not that our country would get into a deadlock if majority of the youth community does not contribute. We would still be left with some responsible people who will have to shoulder major part. The others would move with time and change accordingly with the situation but do not expect them to move ahead of time and think futuristic.


+ The above news clearly shows where is today’s youth headed. The people caught and tested positive for drug consumptions are particularly from Middle and Affluent class and not restricted to male population. This is an area where ladies have acquired equal rights to their male counterparts without lodging any agitation or demans.


+ Iam in a department connected to Police and help them nab people drinking and driving in the night particularly after 11 p.m. and the operation whenever launched goes till 2 a.m. When people drink and drive they risk their lives and Iam not bothered about their lives, why should I bother about them when they themselves don’t care about their lives? They not only risk their lives, they also risk lives of people who are innocent and are either returning home after late night work or on account of other genuine reasons. We have heard several hit and run cases and some of which are quite famous like the BMW case of Delhi, in which the car ran over six sleeping laborers killing them all!


+ Startling information for you is when we perform the above checks on the road, 80% of the people caught drunk while on the drivers seat are not more than 35 years of age and hence falling in the so called Future of India’s Youth Category. Not just drunk we nab them racing with friends and majority of them do not carry proper papers.


+ Many times television channels simply venture out and throws out unexpected questions to people moving on roads. One of the funny question I once saw was “Who’s the President of India” and trust me 50% were wondering what’s the answer! How could one know the answer when they do not have habit of reading newspapers or watching news channels? If at all today’s youth puts on the TV the majority would be busy with Cricket and nothing else, and again when these people open the paper they do it from the back, yes the sports column first and yet just one Gold in Olympics.


+ We saw what happened at the Govt. Law College in Chennai last week. These are the future lawyers of India caught on camera beating each other mercilessly in an inhumanly manner. Today’s youth tries to be successful in academics with an intention of finding a job outside India and settling permanently away from home. Ask them why and they would give an excuse that there are no opportunities in India, ask them the reasons and the blame game would continue and the blame would next directly go on to the politicians, further ask them why is that? They would say the public votes all frauds to power again ask them do you vote? The answer now would be a big NO!


+ I would like to stop here without concluding or announcing the verdict for or against anyone, so that you and me as a reader start thinking about the hard facts mentioned and if possible, first change ourselves and then discuss what could be done for the country.


*The article may be copied/published anywhere freely without prior permission but with due credit to the author with the email id clearly mentioned.


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3 thoughts on “Youth is the Future of India

  1. Mitesh

    whatever is mentioned in the article i absolutely true and i feel pity for youth of India. I am 20 yrs old, but still i can proudly say that i am an INDIAN. But many of the youth as you rightly said are not at all proud. Inspite of the fact that they have been born and brought up in India, instead of valuing Indian values they bloody damn them. The majority of youth of India is certainly in dark. Just to give an instance the college where i study, around 80% people smoke and drink. When ask whats the fun in doing so, they will say its fashion, its trend, its helpful in impressing girls…what the f**k is all this. I feel really bad that this is where india is heading towards. We are very proud to say that “India is the youngest nation!” but i m no more proud. Seeing this situation i have tears in my eyes. No doubt we have some jem of people in India. But if we all 100 crore people become jem than imagine the picture of India. The picture is so amazing!!!


  2. Sridhar

    Eye opening article. This will make india think on how much can the country depend on todays generation.
    It is dangerous to rely on the mostly irresponsible young generation.


  3. Muthu

    Dear Vivek,

    What you’ve mentioned above is a sad but true. When I saw the law college fighting on the T.V, I was shocked for the reason that not only future lawyers even future Judges who are one of the main pillars of our democracy is going to emerge from this group. Already comments are being made in media about detoriating quality of our judiciary system and these kind of incidents at the very noose of police and in the presence of Media glare heightens my fear about this pillar of democracy. As you may be aware there are under trails (people who have been accused but not convicted) are in prison for more than 10 years as their case could not be taken up for hearing due to backlog in our judiciary system. Many of them went to jail as under trail in prime of their youth and staying there without trail for more than 10 years and knowing about the conditions of our jail, where are we heading boss? India is growing, no doubt. But not for all!. This may lead to more social divide, corruption and crime. Every politician talks about inclusive growth. But 750 million people in this country are earning less than Rs.50/- a day. Whereas our government is filing an affidavit saying that anyone earning more than Rs.450/- per month is above poverty line. Why don’t we ask our ministers to live for a month or two with just Rs.450/- and show us how to avoid poverty with this income levels.



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