MFF – 081221 – 12:33 Hrs

+ Many SMS’s are received on +91-98410-36524 daily. I think it has become one of the easy modes of communicating by investors across India. One most common message being received over last week is regarding 1. Will the rally continue? 2. Why is it rallying? 3. When will it stop? These points were discussed and answered on this site earlier and no harm in doing it again.


+ We are seeing what is called the year end rally where in various financial institutions are deploying cash available so that they do not show it in their balance sheets as on December end. This is proven by the positive FII buy data being released by SEBI in the past few trading sessions. The FII’s, particularly the hedge funds are finding it easy to buy, as the world knows that valuations are damn low at present. Will it last? We will have to wait for the first half of January as there are all possibilities that the money also may be withdraw as their would be some profit on the tables which in current market situation any investor would be desperate to book.


+ At present it looks like that the NIFTY may test the 3240 level which MFF has been mentioning for quite some time now. At that level I expect some good profit booking by all those who are holding scrip’s from the 8000 levels. Let’s hope 2009 turns out to be good year.


+ An interesting article on Indian Money in Swiss Bank accounts has been posted on the website. I request every one to seriously read it and write down the comments. I only wonder will we ever get a finance minister who could take steps to bring this money back to India. I have few great ideas on how to do it, but Iam not the FM L


+ Do Not Miss the Retire@Sixty scheme, which has been launched. It works with a pre-determined profit in mind and moreover is a great product for investors with limited money in hands. The existing MFF members who are part of the group will get calls of this scheme hence no need to separately subscribe.

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