MFF – 090106 – 20:17 Hrs

+ We have been receiving continuous messages over last few days. Most of the messages were replied back as far as possible. Was stuck in various activities since the New Year and hence was not able to update the website, we expect to be readily reachable henceforth. Some of the activities are for noble cause and hence cannot shy away from them but still MFF and IA paid members were able to make some good money in Satyam, which we picked at very low rates. One Satyam alone has recovered more money MFF quarterly fee!


+ Infact the first call of Retire@Sixty offer is still to be given. The continuing strength in the market is making us wait since if the rally is false we may get stuck badly. If anyone wants to make a last minute entry into the offer can still do it. Just call us.


+ Market is continuing its strength and till now no kind of Hedge Fund selling has kicked in which is a good news, are these people waiting for the quarterly results is not known. Quarterly results are expected to be bad, we may not see much action if they are as per expectations, and may see huge spikes if there are surprises.


+ We saw good volatility today and that shows there is a fear in minds of people. Thursday is a holiday for markets, this factor will also make investors take some profits home. Nifty faces resistance at 3155 – 3190 which if broken may see a final big resistance at 3240. Hope this time we may up with regular profit taking and hope these resistances work.

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