Raju Resigns, Says Books Cooked up!

Satyam Computers founder and chairman Ramalinga Raju had resigned from the Satyam board.

Raju has written a letter to the board giving details of the balance sheet. Balance Sheet has inflated cash balances of Rs 5040 crore and accrued interest of Rs 376 crore is non-existent. Rs 1230 crore was arranged to Satyam and is not reflected in the books

While Ram Myanpati will act as Interim CEO, Merrill Lynch can be entrusted to explore.

As per the revelations, second Quarter numbers were inflated to Rs 2700 crore vs Rs 2112 crore actual numbers. No board member had any knowledge of the real situation of the books.

Shares in Satyam Computer shed all gains to turn negative after the embattled Indian outsourcer said its chairman has resigned from the board. Shares were down 16.81 percent at 149 rupees. (11.22 a.m.)

Incidentally, a Satyam board meeting is scheduled for December 29. According to analysts, Raju’s resignation wouldn’t make much of a difference to investors. “He is not to be blamed alone…the responsibility lies with the entire board. It was a unanimous decision and this board is in no place to decide on the issue,” said Prabhudas Leeladhar analyst Apurva Shah.

3 thoughts on “Raju Resigns, Says Books Cooked up!

  1. ganesh

    All bull markets ends with a scam definetely. So this bull market ended with Satyam’s Scam. So pity of Indian Investors. Long live Harshad Mehata and Ketan.


  2. flash

    Funny… nature has its own ways of responding. Hype never makes sense. Shows that only hard work and sincerity wins longterm.


  3. Vivek Karwa Post author

    Possibilities Now:
    Raju to face probe.
    Raju may go to jail and pay heavy fine.
    Auditors to get scrutinised.
    Satyam may be bought over.
    If not bought over it may become next DSQ and Pentamedia!


    Vivek Karwa



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