MFF – 090115 – 20:08 Hrs

+ Indian Markets used to shun all bad news in 2007 and now the situation is that every bad news leads to crumbling of stock prices. What ever was added on Sensex on Wednesday got wiped off on Thursday, thanks to Nortel. The good news came on the inflation front, which saved the day, and we closed respectably, initially looking at the open we were worried that Nifty may test the levels today itself which were mentioned by MFF earlier.


+ MFF since last week has been saying that Nifty can test 2620 – 2590 and then bounce back. Almost all analysts on CNBC today were talking about Nifty testing 2600, we don’t know they realized the levels late or read MFF J some analysts were talking about Nifty going even to 2400 which we feel may not happen but if it happens then 2000 is also open for speculation.


+ Some budding analysts were busy giving BTST calls yesterday and we believe many gullible investors would have got caught. Infact yesterday’s favorite was IBREAL and many BTST’s were given. I also hold a sms received by a person (analyst) asking to exit the stock today at 124 and the fact is the stock opened way below 124.


+ Nifty today bounced back from 2702 and we noted only later that a support was present at 2701 – 2688, it immediately tested the levels on open and bounced back. No message was sent, as it would have been inappropriate sending the levels after they had infact already happened and lost the significance. Anyways let’s hope 2688 remains intact else sub 2600 is still wide open.


+ Call on a stock was given on MFF Free SMS Group, the buy rate did not trigger and hence we would be sending a fresh message if we can enter a stock. Various applications of Mutual Funds have been uploaded on the site, we request everyone to take full advantage of the same. Suggestions are always welcome, as they would improve our site and also your experience.


+ Fuel prices may be cut! this rumour is doing rounds. If it happens we can see lower numbers on inflation. Click on the Print Articles link on the site and read the MMA Article. We had already mentioned that inflation would go down drastically and interest rates on bank deposits would go down more drastically. Inflation has already dipped next is the time for SLR’s.


+ Many people have been contacting us after seeing Future Ahead ad on the home page regarding Satyam Computers fiasco. Yes it is true we can avoid the side effects by proper Financial Planning. The fact is in India people still do not value their money and always tend to fall prey to free advices, which finally trap them, deep.


+ Let’s now wait and see if Nifty breaks 2688 tomorrow. If it shows signals of moving up we will update you again through sms.


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