MFF – 090412 – 17:58 Hrs

+ We are now a one stop solution for all financial needs of a person, with the launch of our Stock Broking business, and as requested earlier we hope to see you on the 14th as we need your support and blessings for the venture. Please visit on the day, the location map has been uploaded on the Reach Us page.


+ Retire @ Sixty Scheme – IV was completed last Wednesday by achieving total profit of Rs.7200/- as against target of Rs.6000/- as per the scheme schedule. It’s a scheme which has satisfied many small investors and would be re-launched some time in future. Scheme IV had the lowest number of enrollment’s, may be due to bad market scenario in which it was launched but those who trusted MFF made the money. We would continue to work as investor’s interest first.


+ Market saw a truncated week and there’s a holiday again on coming Tuesday hence cannot say anything about the volumes since many brokers/investors are taking off on Monday to have a continuous five day vacation. We saw major corrections last week which were followed by sharp recoveries as well. What was mentioned in the previous update is proving to be on track. Market came till 3420 and got jittery and can even now touch upto 3480 – 3500 before a real fear of election outcome sets in.


+ The elections are getting hotter by the day and can melt the guts of bulls at some time. It is unfortunate that Congress is not willing to accept the common fact that PM Mr. Manmohan Singh is remote controlled by Ms.Sonia. We all hear 10 Janpath frequently which is Sonia’s house and 7 Race Course the PM’s residence is known by very few. Mr. PM said that he is not willing to come on a TV debate as he does not consider Mr.Advani as PM candidate!


+ In democracy public has to consider an individual as a PM candidate and not Mr.Manmohan Singh! he does not realize that Advani is atleast contesting poll which is nothing but seeking permission from public to go to parliament unlike the himself PM who is just a Nominee of the majority! Is this democracy wherein we don’t have choice to choose our PM? Do not miss to vote this election, MFF would shortly be launching a slogan (campaign) in order to persuade people to vote.


+ Dow is also supportive at the moment and has settled above the crucial 8000 mark. The touch area come at 8200 +/- 20 points and then at 8582 – 8910 which if broken can take it till 9760. If Dow moves above the mentioned levels then we can hope that Sensex also would move up instead reeling under election pressure.


Jai Hind.

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