MFF – 090420 – 20:02 Hrs

+ By the messages we receive and the mails we receive it is quite evident that many readers of MarketFastFood track closely what is mentioned here. Even in our previous posting we had mentioned here that Nifty could touch 3480 – 3500 before the real poll fear sets in. Nifty hit high of 3511 and then has remained jittery past two to three days. People may like tracking politics or may really hate it but if you are in stock market it is just not possible to stay away from IPL – Indian Political League.


+ We people speak at many forums and hence have to necessarily track everything that affects market. We thus have clearly mentioned which party we would be supporting this elections. Our vote goes for BJP and its NDA allies. There are interesting groups available on the web like MyIndia which is a simple SMS group and tamilBJP which clearly supports BJP. Be part of these and one may get more information easily.


+ Market as mentioned on several occasions, and that occasion is just three weeks away, waiting for the poll results. We are confident once a stable government is formed we would definitely set stage for a fresh up move. Being the first year of which ever government comes in, there might be little tough first budget on account of widening fiscal deficit. But that should not harm the market much. MFF has been widely posting articles on Black Money which as per us should be the first priority of the government. Till date we have not heard about it except from BJP. Even if 20% of the estimated money comes in we can see Sensex move up by many thousand points.


+ Stay in cash until results are out. Invest as and when there are major falls. We have already sent our TIA article which will be posted shortly and that would give you sense on which sectors we are betting on. Our Stock Broking service is now fully functional and hence would shortly get active on our SMS group and Yahoo Msngr, stay connected. If there are drastic falls we should again invest in index funds and you are aware they have made us money when ever recommended.


Jai Hind.


Vivek Karwa

Certified Financial PlannerCM

& Investment Strategist

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