MFF – 090506 – 21:19 Hrs

+ We keep posting our views on market from time to time to empower investors. The undersigned articles/views are regularly published and one among them is TIA articles. In our last post we had clearly mentioned to keep selling till 3600 on Nifty and wait till the election results are declared. The article can be read by clicking here. We are in stock market and where no one can be perfectly right, but what matters is posting the views boldly and that’s what we at MFF do.

 + The market has recovered by 50% and the momentum has caught many by surprise as they now are feeling that they have missed the bus and should have invested at 9000 levels. Again if you browse our previous posts we have been recommending Index funds for a while and have made phenomenal returns. But the recovery has been fierce which is not good for the markets.

 + The views are posted as and when we feel it is time for throwing some light on market so as to benefit those relying on our views. The launch of stock broking service has taken lot of effort and now requires extra time, but soon would be back with regular efforts. We request you all to open account’s with us and trade with us and our guidance would be with you.

 + As said above it is now safe and wise to stay in majority cash until the results of the election are announced. The market would move up if either of L.K.Advani or the existing PM becomes PM yet again. After a 50% rally it is safer to book profits. Nifty charts were suggesting that the resistance would come at 3800 – 3820 and it has reacted after hitting 3700+ today. Investors generally do not like those who recommend to book profits in an upmove. But if something really funny happen’s like Congress supporting Mayawati as PM happens we can get good opportunities to buy at lower levels. The open vowing of NDA allies by Rahul Gandhi yesterday send a message that Congress is desperate to remain at centre and can act funny if necessary.

 + Expect huge volatility and use upmoves to sell and book profits. It is not wrong if we buy 10 – 15% higher but in more conducive scenario. Keep visiting for regular updates and other useful information.

Jai Hind.

 Vivek Karwa

Certified Financial PlannerCM

& Investment Strategist

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