Quick Note – 10:37 Hrs

The media is making mountain of a mole on the rift between Congress and DMK on the seat sharing formula. The congress was expected to do this since they themselves have more than 200 seats and hence are more powerful than 2004. In 2004 to form a coalition govt it was forced to give big money making ministries to DMK but the case is different today.

There can be no instability due to DMK. They have already told that they would provide outside support and DMK cannot withdraw support to congress even if it wants to since its own government in Tamilnadu is dependent on congress as DMK government here is a minority govt.

Even Jayalalitha is waiting for something like this to happen and hence DMK has to accept the fact that congress will act like a big bully this time. Hence market should not fear any instability at Delhi.

1 thought on “Quick Note – 10:37 Hrs

  1. Rajan

    This is a good time for the politicians returning from New Delhi after discussions with the Congress, to practice their Fast Unto Death scheme. They should all go to Anna Samadhi drectly from the airport and since they would have had their snack on board, they could fast till 1945 hrs. Around that time the PM and his team would have been installed and they in turn will air dash to Chennai and solve the ministry and Sri lankan crisis in one go. All the players could then go for a buffet by around 1145hrs. All the problems would have been sorted out and the sundal, tea shop owners around the samadhi area would have made a quick buck.



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