About CFP Certification


CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM Certification is an internationally recognised certification (across 23 countries) as the highest certification in the Financial planning industry. The CFPCM mark is rated as the ‘Gold standard’ by the Wall street journal. Financial Planning is rated as No.1 career choice in USA* (ahead of CA & CFA)

*source : Jobs rated Almanac

FPSB India is the principal licensing body that awards CFPCM Certification in India through an agreement with FPSB, Denver, USA. With over 1,00,000 CFP certificants across the world and only about 900 in India, this course is the most sought after course today. The CFPCM certificants are in demand in Banks, Insurance companies, Asset management companies, Wealth management companies, Mutual fund houses, Private equity firms, Stock broking companies, Investment consultancy firms, etc… There is also a huge potential if you want to start your own practice.

The syllabus covers all aspects of personal finance. The modules are:-

Module 1: Introduction to Financial Planning

Module 2: Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning

Module 3: Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits

Module 4: Investment Planning

Module 5: Tax Planning & Estate Planning

Module 6: Advanced Financial Planning

Online Exams will be conducted for Modules II to VI only (all objective questions)

Candidates aspiring to become CFP Certificant have to register themselves with FPSB India. VIFS is a Professional training institute providing complete training and guidance facilities to the students. There are two pathways available i.e., Regular Pathway & Challenge pathway. Candidates having specified qualifications have an option of applying through Challenge Status pathway wherein they can complete the course in a shorter span of time.

VIFS provides training as per syllabus laid down by FPSBI for candidates enrolling both through Regular pathway & Challenge pathway. Candidates will be provided intensive training by practicing Certified Financial Planners. Support like handouts and workbooks will also be given.

In-house training for corporate employees is also provided wherein our faculty visits the corporate premises making the training process very convenient to the employees.

CFP for IFA’s Click Here

For further details contact:

Office: +91 95510-60808

Email: training@VRIDHI.co.in

Opinion from a Leading Financial Planner:

6 thoughts on “About CFP Certification

  1. Dhanalakshmi Murali

    Dear sir,

    Kindly let me know the total cost of taking up this course.I did my MCAPassed out 2002),Iam 30 yrs now. Can I do this course..Already i ve worked in LIC Mutual fund as executive assistant and software incharge..for 1 1/2 years.I am very much interested in this field. Do you guarantee any placement..Can I get a placement in your concern right now..and simultaneously can I do CFM..Plase clarify at the earliest..

    Thanking you..




    Dear Sir,
    THANKING you



  3. U.Praveen kumar

    Please let me know the total cost for the Training and for the Exam for indudival and what is Training starts…



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