Satyam likely to sack 8,000 staff from June

ToI 25/5/09

New Delhi: Satyam Computer is likely to sack most of its non-billable staff of up to 8,000 working in marketing, HR and administration wings, after Tech Mahindra takes charge of the company from June 1.

A Satyam official said there is no doubt there will be largescale sacking mostly of the support and non-billable staff (other than software engineers) once Tech Mahindra directors come on board from June 1.

The surplus staff is about 10,000-12,000 and the “least painful” ways of sacking is asking the bench, non-billable and support staff to go. The company spokesperson, when contacted, said that at the moment these are mere speculations.

Sources also said the outsourcer may opt for “virtual pool” sacking method whereby the company would ask some of the staff to take 75% of its salary and take one-year off and look for a job elsewhere with the fragile assurance that they would be recalled, if required.

Tech Mahindra CEO Vineet Nayyar, who will also come on board of Satyam in June, said last week that Satyam has about 10,000 surplus staff and “we are looking at the least painful ways to tackle the problem.” Satyam has already called back most of its onsite staff to avoid further costs and most of them may be asked to quit, said the official. About 3,000 people are on the bench and there is a surplus manpower even in the R&D and engineering units, sources said. AGENCIES

Honchos quit    BPO unit

Hyderabad: Top executives of Satyam’s outsourcing arm, Satyam BPO, have pressed the eject button. According to sources, Naresh Jhangiani, global head of HR at Satyam BPO, V Satyanandam, head of corporate services, have put in their papers.

Kulwinder Singh, head of marketing (Asia Pacific), Satyam, and earlier with Satyam BPO as global head of marketing and communication, has resigned.

Satyam’s spokesperson M V Sridhar said the three executives were not asked to leave. However, another official said that people correction is natural after business and revenue


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