Stock Market training

India is an emerging country moving rapidly towards the title of developed nation. In the process Indian Stock markets have exponentially grown with the flow of FII money from abroad. India today occupies a place in top 4 fast growing economies in the world. BRIC is the term used consisting of Brazil, Russia, INDIA and China.

India is likely to grown massively till 2020 – 2025 and hence huge opportunity lies for the present generation in Stock Markets providing not just Investment avenues for Wealth Creation to Investors but also creating High Profile Jobs in the sector.

VRIDHI Institute of Financial Services provides complete training facility in Stock Markets so that one can make optimum use of the current growth scenario in the sector to his advantage. VIFS program in Stock Market is designed in such a manner that even a lay man would be confident to invest in the markets by the time he completes the course. The course would deal in all aspects of stock market from Fundamentals to Live Market Visits!

The course would be of immense use to:-

1. New Entrants and Investors in the market

2. College Students & Business School students

3. Candidates with Non-Finance background can also enrol.

Training for students can be arranged at their own college premises.

M.B.A, Business School students and students of Post Graduate courses can approach us for their Project Work needs and for practical know-how including Live market exposure.

NCFM & BCFM Certifications

Obtaining these certificates is the first step to career in the Stock Markets. VIFS conducts intensive training programme to students willing to appear for these certificate exams of BSE and NSE. NCFM & BCFM training can be combined with our Stock Market training programme.

For further details contact:

Office: +91 98-405-405-75, Mobile: 98410-36524

or mail us at: VIFS@VRIDHI.CO.IN

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