CFP for IFAs

Keeping in line with our objectives, we conduct various programs for Independent Financial Advisor’s, Mutual Fund distributors and Insurance agents who are the vital link in the Financial Services Industry as they bridge the gap between the company and the customer. We firmly believe that IFA’s, if empowered with professional certification in Financial Planning like the CFP would reap rich benefits to them & their client’s as it would be great value addition in the services they offer to their customers.


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Why should a distributor / an IFA like you join the CFPCM program?

Ø The trends in the Financial industry point that Fee based & Advisory model will ultimately replace the present commission-based model. The recent move by SEBI (No Entry Loads on Mutual Fund Investments), and the latest hammer by SEBI on ULIPs, justify that our industry practice in aligning with that of the developed nations. This is a crude fact which is hard to digest but can’t be denied.

Ø The media through business channels, newspapers and other campaigns are targeting the commission-based model on which the IFA’s business thrives.

Ø As the awareness increases among the clients, they would prefer paying a Fee to his/her advisor which will also make the advisor responsible for his advise! Right now advisors are representatives of their “Company” collecting a Fee would make them representatives of their “Clients”

Ø There is immense public awareness and a lot of free advice in the media. Today Investors value experts, professional advisors, and are unwilling to pay for routine services like application filling, logging in, etc., which does not require much proficiency.

Being a CFP would ensure that you achieve the tag of an “Expert Advisor”.

Ø The present scenario in developed nations like USA, UK and Australia is that every investor has a personal financial advisor who is a CFPCM certificant, and a person consults them before taking any financial decision.

Ø Large numbers of IFAs have enrolled for CFPCM certification in India. CFP would make you a customer centric person and help you handhold your client to achieve his financial independence with your able guidance. The number of CFPs in India has nearly doubled in the last one year.

Ø Financial Services Industry in India is about to take off! There are just around 900 CFPs in India at present and estimates suggests demand of 1,00,000 CFPs. Be on board now and be part of this Journey! 

Join the course now and Move Ahead in the Race.

Let us all march towards Financial Independence.

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or mail us at: VIFS@VRIDHI.CO.IN

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