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All eyes are on July/6 when the Finance Minister would rise to present the budget. Many expectations have been built in the minds of people due to continuous propaganda by the media. The media has been showcasing views of every person immaterial of whether his opinion matters or not. This has resulted in lot of hype and thus the street may feel bad if nothing big in the budget happens. In the opinion of MarketFastFood the hands of the FM are tied. He has to deal with the recession and the major hindrance for spending would be the Fiscal Deficit which if increases further may lead to de-rating of the country itself. Let’s not go by the hype, finally what everyone would get, will be known from Pranab babu directly on July/6. The discussions which are being showcased are nothing but a medium to keep investors hooked to the channels. MFF feels its positive enough if the budget focuses on infra spending.

We have been witnessing choppy market over last week, and the same may continue in the next week. The late recovery on Friday was on account of Nomura Holdings saying that Indian market has scope to go up as the stocks are still under priced. Strong support for the Sensex comes at 12000 – 12500 and MFF feels it may be tested once, timing we are not sure, may be it happens if something really goes wrong in the budget or may be on some global effect in future. This does not mean we do not buy anything. There are scrip’s which still look interesting. Keeping some cash would be ideal and if the levels mentioned are ever tested would be a screaming opportunity.

Our politicians are showing signs of maturity! The appointment of Nandan Nilekeni as National ID card project is first step towards the refinement of our political system. Every government department should have private participation in our opinion. The ID cards will have built in biometric identification system. The 2000 Cr project would benefit companies like Bartronics in big way. With a transparent person heading the project we feel Bartronics can make best use of the opportunity.

Keep booking quick profits till the budget is read out totally. There is lot of noise over fertilizer stocks and we feel it’s time waste paying any attention as we hear these kinds of gossips over fertilizer stocks, subsidies before every budget. The immediate concern is over the delayed monsoon which poses a big threat as of now. My friends from various places have informed that it has finally started to rain since yesterday! Let’s hope we have at least 90% – 95% of normal monsoon.

Stock Specific Disclosure: I hold Bartronics in my personal account & in accounts of various clients.

Disclaimer: Investing in Equity & other Similar markets can be risky. The recommendations and views mentioned are based on certain expectation’s which may or may not occur. The author thereby, will not be Liable for any loss incurred, monetary or otherwise. Seeking personal advice from your Financial Planner is recommended before acting on any of the substance given herein.

Jai Hind.

Vivek Karwa

Certified Financial PlannerCM

& Investment Strategist

Desk.Mob: +91-98-405-405-75

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