MFF – 091002 – 22:08 Hrs

Shashi Tharoor has commented yet again, this time the comment should be acceptable to all. The previous Cattle Class remark was an insult to the aam admi but today’s comment by the minister that we should be working on Gandhi’jis birthday is totally acceptable. Work is Worship, India is land of Holidays! We should definitely work on all good days. Three long workless days make people lazy and unproductive. No idea on how many use the good day for good purposes, yes! Bar and Liquor shop owners do brisk business around these holidays.

As per IMF recovery has already started, India and China are going to lead this recovery. Market sensed the recovery before anybody else could do and is now hovering around 17000 on the Sensex. We at MFF feel that soon India would overtake China in economic development. The results of the lok sabha elections made many hopeful of seeing big ticket reforms and the media was busy showcasing 100 days agenda. Nothing great has happened till now. Varun Gandhi said it right at a university in UK recently that “India is not a poor country, it’s a poorly managed Country”

Common Wealth games are already in a complex situation, India needs to show the right intention so that the world notices the event. Any positive sign would attract more foreign money as an investment destination if things go right. Government can give full thrust on divestment atleast so that the market sentiment remains high.

We in the last few posts have been mentioning that Sensex is targeting 16600 – 17000 levels and we are hovering around those levels at present with some volatility. The bigger resistance comes at 17700. Liquidity has been driving the markets and one should be further more careful once we near 17700 on the index.

Liquidity has been driving the markets and many investors now feel left out and hence it’s time to be cautious. Just because the index is rising do not justify investors to jump in. The strategy could be fine with traders who can decide on quick entry and exit spread across a week. Investors can now follow a systematic way of approaching the market now so that advantages of corrections can be on our side.

We had recommended Micro Technologies Limited & Bartronics Limited in our previous posts and recommend continue holding them. Profit can be booked at around 164 – 170 on Micro. Both the stocks give many opportunities to trade for 5 to 10 bucks in short term and strategic trading in these stocks can help one reduce the cost of holding.

Stock Specific Disclosure: We hold MICROTEC & Bartronics & trade in these stocks regularly.

Disclaimer: Investing in Equity & other Similar markets can be risky. The recommendations and views mentioned are based on certain expectation’s which may or may not occur. The author thereby, will not be Liable for any loss incurred, monetary or otherwise. Seeking personal advice from your Financial Planner is recommended before acting on any of the substance given herein.

Jai Hind.

Vivek Karwa




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