26/11 one yr later

Today, 26/11 is being remembered (read celebrated) across the country. Condolences meetings have been arranged by many organizations, protest rallies against terror have been carried out in many cities, School children have been dragged out in the sun today to hold posters alleging that terror is bad, many ministers from the Govt. including the Prime Minister seem to have suddenly got concerned about the public and have been issuing statements that justice would be done, last but not the least, it’s a gala time for media as they are literally very busy extending microphones at celebrities to get there comment on the day & arranging seminars in “air conditioned” hotels to discuss on how to deal with these dreaded terrorists!

So what has happened over the one year?

  1. Pakistan is as defiant as ever and is not ready to even agree that the plan was plotted on Pakistani soil.
  2. Ajmal Kasab, the only terrorist caught alive is still under trail and is enjoying his life thinking this Govt. can’t do anything! Afzal Guru, the perpetrator of parliament attack is still not hanged by this Govt. hence any terrorist will not fear his life if caught alive.
  3. India is busy extending business ties with United States which has been and is still indirectly supporting Pakistan, very well knowing where the so called AID money is being re-directed.

We need not talk with numbers but it’s well know that:

– Thousands of people have been massacred in Kashmir since independence.

– A bomb blast goes off like a Diwali cracker now and then in Assam killing innocent civilians.

– Naxals have been killing and beheading people and police in many states. Can they thrive without support of our politicians?

– Terror attacks are not uncommon in India, our statistical organizations are so great that no one would even know how many thousand have died in various attacks if not lacs!

So why this XXL focus on 26/11?

Why no one talks about other attacks where innocent people have been dying time and again?

We believe 26/11 is a special event because “RICH” people got caught and died this time! Everyone of them is concerned that this kind of attack should not happen, atleast on the RICH!

No ones concerned about the life of that Ordinary Indian who usually gets stuck in such wicked plots! The 26/11 attack on the bear bar and the five start hotels shook everyone. Let’s stop the mockery of the dead and do something serious.

May the Souls of all people who have died in the countless attacks on India Rest in Peace.

Jai Hind.

Vivek Karwa



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