MFF – 100103 – 19:25 Hrs

We have begun the New Year with an eclipse but let’s hope it brings in a new experience and pleasant surprises for the investors in the market. The last decade began with a dot com bust! and that was the period the undersigned entered the world of financial market and have seen many cycles since then. The best of market started after BJP led NDA government initiated the golden quadrilateral project and then there was no stopping after that even after the government lost out to congress later. Yes, 2008 was the worst year for anyone but as far as we are concerned it was the best experience and a learning year for all.

The scars of 2008 are so deep that even today we don’t find retail investors being very excited and are doubly cautious when someone recommends a stock to them. The period saw many people winding up operations but with gods grace we at VRIDHI have expanded during the period. We don’t claim to be best or anything like that, investors have been with us and have been supporting us just because we have been honest. We had started stock broking around six months back and thus were not able to concentrate on sending mails regularly like before. MFF intends to begin again its services from this year and hence we would be in touch regularly henceforth.

We feel the coming decade would bring in more drastic changes than what we saw in 2000 – 2010. India would be totally different by the time we are in 2020 and please consider yourself to be very lucky for being part of this growth India would witness. Hence as an investor this decade would give the highest possible CAGR returns on investments, the period may get extended till 2015 depending on how fast our administration changes their mentality and how fast public demands better responsibility and votes good politicians to the parliament.

Various levels have been mentioned in the TIA – Article posted on the site earlier. We feel markets are likely to grow in future. Corrections are part of any market and hence they would have to be considered as buying opportunities as and when they occur. Health Care and Education are the sectors which would do phenomenally well in the coming decade. Choose the right stocks and see your capital grow in multiples.

Stock market would be opening at 0900 hrs tomorrow onwards. NSE is adamant for it though the reasons given by them are totally unjustifiable. NSE’s MD Mr. Ravi Narain gets over Rs.7,00,00,000 as annual salary, hence he may be ready to work extra hours but we personally are not, as few extra hours of trading is not going to add anything big to our or our investors wealth.

Sensex has to now break 17700 – 18000 range to see the next leg of movement upwards. FII’s would be back to the markets on Monday after a long holiday and hence there should be some good movements in the coming days. Keep visiting frequently hence forth for regular updates on various events concerning the markets.

Jai Hind.

Vivek Karwa



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