Be a Certified Financial Planner

Financial Services industry, Financial Distribution business in particular was, though competitive even earlier, used to still leave some income on table for the distributors and advisors in form of Entry Loads in case of Mutual Funds, and by way of commissions in Insurance products.

Suddenly fell the SEBI hammer which has already forced thousands of Mutual Fund Advisors (read Sellers!) out of business and would flush out more sellers from the industry when the present upfront being received, though dismal in value, would also become NIL.

Many sellers turned to Insurance to bridge the sudden hole in income but the developments which followed later has already forced IRDA to tighten it’s belt and new regulations are going to come in from July’10 which would once again force these sellers out of business.

The crude fact is True Advisors are still in business and they would infact benefit as and when the sellers leave the arena. True Advisors & Financial Planners with long term vision only will thrive in future and this is SEBI’s vision aswell.

Just around 4% of Indian population is investing today in products other than Bank FD and Postal products. With just 4% of population investing our Equity portion in Mutual Fund industry is of around Rs.350000/- Crs! In United States 93% of the population invests!

“Imagine the Scope… Smell the Opportunity”

Transform yourself from a Seller to an Advisor


“Next batch commences Soon” Registrations Now Open.

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For VRIDHI Training

Vivek Karwa

Appointed Consultant & Representative by Financial Planning Standards Board India (FPSBI)

Office Mobile: +91-98405-40575


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