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a Short Term View –


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– 101027 – A small dip of 216 points on Sensex has already made many analysts loose their senses. Don’t be surprised if many of them start giving sell calls in days to come if the markets do not regain the small fall it has seen. As said many times earlier the current market is one which has to be used to buy stocks very selectively as we are not seeing a broad based rally. Actually, even if one buys very selectively it does not mean you will always end up making money. To be honest even we after so many years of experience some times get into wrong stocks, but overall our performance has been far superior to most other people who claim to be great achievers in the market.

– Every investor should particularly be very careful about the unsolicited messages we daily get which recommend stocks and then claim they would fetch us multi fold returns. We also recommend stocks but being a regular reader of MFF you must have noticed that all our recommendations are always delivery based. We request you to be with us on twitter and sms group so that updating becomes easier.

– The money which will be refunded from the Coal India IPO is expected to re-enter the market by most of the people. A clear trend will emerge once the cq’s and the credits start flowing into the bank accounts. Thus we strongly feel it a market which should be used as buying opportunity if there is a correction. We feel correction would not be deep as the numbers announced will now are in-line with the expectations and nothing big on negative side has emerged.

– Our upper resistance target of 20200 was hit and since then Sensex has been hovering around the area. As said earlier 21207 would be the next focus point. Let’s hope we break it soon, or by December’10, atleast. The market is also awaiting the outcome of the RBI meeting scheduled on 2/Nov.

– Hence we have to really choose carefully what to buy. In our latest show on NDTV Profit on 26/Oct we recommended LUPIN Labs at 445 with a time horizon of 6-12 months. We feel investors can look at the stock seriously as the company id likely to do well in future and the company may also receive series of USFDA approvals in months to come. The stock was recommended to our clients and MFF subscribers at Rs.416/- itself and we are already sitting on good profits. MFF still maintains a BUY on the stock.

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Stock Specific Disclosures: We hold Lupin Labs in our portfolios and these stocks have earlier itself been recommended to MFF subscribers. VRIDHI’s Stock Broking clients also may be holding them as we have been recommending these stocks to them aswell.

Jai Hind

Vivek Karwa



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