MFF – 101201 – 22:52 Hrs


– 101201 – Scams, Ghotalas, Bribes, Corruption are the only words we hear now a days and the blind eye towards them from the power corridors is most shocking. The so called “Prince of India” for whom there are many other important issues in India to concentrate on, has till date not dared to speak a word against the so called “Clean” administration. Money ofcourse if stuffed into mouths can Shut them!

– Most of the ordinary citizens like me and you can only feel frustrated and show our anger and anguish through EVM’s and that is what voters of Bihar did. Atleast we have internet and online forums to voice our anger! Markets don’t like these hanky-panky things and hence they corrected led by certain of these issues.

– Its over two weeks that our parliament has functioned. Cant even assume or predict what kind of money has been wasted. As if all these bad news was not enough so came the great LIC Scam which diverted focus of everyone from the Real issues! Not a scam in strict terms… a bribery case… timing of it highly questionable. The issue seems to be under control now. This will only help cleanse the system. It is no way a systemic failure but a system failure which now would be corrected.

– We are involved EXTENSIVELY in educating investors on investing and the benefits of the same. Have been visiting Schools, Colleges, addressing Seminars across Tamil Nadu. When people ask why take risk in market which bears the brunt of various system failures, it takes us enormous efforts to convince them. All these pains most of and many of times for nothing in Return! The undersigned has been already booked for 16 seminars till February’11 to be done across Tamil Nadu.

– The market almost 2000 points from the Diwali close of 21004 and has started recovering again on back of confidence which came in from the GDP data of 8.9% and the auto sales numbers which are really extraordinary. We continue to remain bullish on Indian markets for the longer period and fear of any political crisis which may occur in future, especially assuming that a person if genuinely honest cannot carry the baggage of mis-deeds of others for too long and may sometime call it a day.

– Wikileaks is the buzz word of today and the site has clearly said they would reveal things about a large US bank sometime early next year which may bring down the bank. The market is presuming it to be Goldman Sachs. Which ever bank it is, any critical information would be dangerous for Wall Street and Dalal Street as well in the process.

– We are infact writing after a long gap this time, but we had recommended Lupin at Rs.445/- as a Free MarketFastFood call and the stock since then has performed well and is currently trading at around 510. We advise a hold and book profits at 550+ On what else to buy? We will return soon 🙂

– Stay connected with MarketFastFood

Stock Specific Disclosures: We hold Lupin Labs in our portfolios and these stocks have earlier itself been recommended to MFF subscribers at Rs.414. VRIDHI’s Stock Broking clients also may be holding them as we have been recommending these stocks to them aswell.

Jai Hind

Vivek Karwa



2 thoughts on “MFF – 101201 – 22:52 Hrs

  1. Balakrishnan

    Most of the ordinary citizens like me and you can only feel frustrated and show our anger and anguish through EVM’s and that is what voters of Bihar did. I sincerely accept your above writing that is totally I AM FRUSTRATED in this market.Off late i am not at all looking to the market.But it is pin pricking me as whether am i right in doing so.So, now i am reading philosophy books also.



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