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Equity Portfolio Construction Service (EPCS)

– The Equity Portfolio Construction Service comes from well known Investment Strategist (IS) Vivek Karwa, CFPCM who has been advising investors regularly, Live on TV channels like NDTV Profit, SUN News etc., in their programs on investments & has been regularly posting his report titled "MarketFastFood" (MFF) on Indian Equity Markets. MFF is a familiar name among the Investor Community or the MarketMen. Profile of the IS can be viewed on www.VRIDHI.co.in

What is Equity Portfolio Construction Service (EPCS) and for whom it is meant?

1. It has been proven, and no more debatable, that Equity as an Investment Avenue can give higher returns than any other investment products in the long run.

2. EPCS is meant for those who would like to build a portfolio of Equities so as to give the maximum push to one’s Financial Portfolio in order to maximise the returns over reasonable time frame.

3. EPCS is for those who would like to invest their money professionally so that your money works maximum for you. One may be expert in his field of work, but that does not mean that he can build a professional portfolio himself, hence a professional help is always advised.

4. One may be a CEO of a company but for his toothache he has to take advice of a Dentist. An Ortho has to approach a Builder to construct his house! Why take things lightly when it comes to investing hard earned money?

5. EPCS would construct a portfolio of Only Individual Stocks or Only Mutual Funds or a combination of Stocks and MF’s as advised by the Investor.

6. One can avail personalised EPCS service at the most affordable and transparent pricing.

7. The service can be availed by anyone across the world. As an investor you need not worry about the distance to get the Right Advice.

Why Choose EPCS?

1. The modus operandi of EPCS is that the service is totally unbiased. The subscriber to this service can be rest assured that he is getting the highest level of transparency when investing through EPCS.

2. EPCS is a personalised service and hence exposure to other assets also may be advised based on the requirements.

3. The best part is that the Ownership of the portfolio is fully held by the Investor directly in his/her name. Hence the investor will not face any Exit Hurdles in case he/she wishes to do so!

4. Again, since the ownership of the portfolio lies with the Investor, Transition from us to another advisor will also be smooth. We anyways believe this need will never arise!

5. Since the portfolios are personalised better Tax Planning would be possible by way of booking profits/losses at appropriate time, thus saving money further by way of taxes.

6. An investor can bring in his/her existing portfolio to avail the service. The IS would decide on any alterations to be done.

Fee Payable for the Service:-

1. The clients would be paying only a fee for EPCS (No Profit sharing or any other Hidden charges). The fee is very very nominal when compared to any other equity product.

*If interested in EPCS and to know the complete fee structure, get in touch with us now.

2. The above fee will be on the total value of the portfolio less the amount to be invested in Mutual Funds.

3. The fee on the amount invested in Mutual Funds through VRIDHI will be charged at 50% the applicable rates & will not be eligible for any loyalty discount.


EPCS is the Most Transparent, Most Economical, with No Hidden Charges or Agenda!

To know details on…

Risk Factors, Why choose EPCS over a MF/PMS? Other Points, etc.,

Call us or Write to us today.

or leave your contact details in the comments section below, so that we can get in touch with you. (your details will not be visible to public)


Desk Mob: +91-98405-40575

Office Mob: 93810-24365

E-Mail: vk@vridhi.co.in


*To read about other services VRIDHI provides, click the link: https://marketfastfood.wordpress.com/vridhi/


1 thought on “EPCS

  1. Pichaipillai

    I have always been in search for a good fund manager and finally found you. Iam happy with your service and would like the world to know about it.

    Not to forget iam a great admirer of your smartness and intelligence on various tv channels.




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