Railway Budget Highlights

Railway Budget 2011-12: The highlights

  • Got 85 proposals for PPP
  • High demand for coach, wagons can’t be met immediately
  • To set-up single window for PPP approval
  • To set-up rail-based industries for passenger coaches
  • Giving economic share to industrials to invest in rail
  • Some rolling stock materials not available
  • Have to depend on imports for rolling stock material
  • To set up coach factory in Palaghat
  • To set up metro coach factory in Singur
  • To set-up diesel locomotive centre in Manipur
  • Imphal to be connected with rail network soon
  • To set up new coach factory at Kolar via PPP or JV
  • To set up two more wagon units under JV mode
  • To set up two more wagon units in Kerala
  • To set up rail industrial park at new Bongaigaon, Nandigram
  • To set up 700 MW gas-based power plant in Maharashtra
  • Planning 1320 MW thermal power plant in Agra
  • To set up 1300 MW thermal power plant in AP
  • Aiming 700 km of annual rail line addition as compared to the current 150 kms
  • Working on 1000 MW captive power plant in Bihar
  • To build new rail line capacity of 700km versus 180km a year
  • To raise Rs 10,000 crore via tax free bonds
  • Annual plan for FY12 at Rs 57,630 crore
  • Annual gross budgetary support at Rs 20,000 crore
  • Market borrowing at Rs 20,594 crore
  • Rs 13,824 crore for acquisition of rolling stock
  • Doubling spend on gauge conversion to Rs 2,470 crore
  • To spend Rs 9,583 crore for new line in FY12
  • To create fund to implement socially desirable plans
  • Railways earnings likely to exceed Rs 1 lakh crore
  • Three railway zones to implement anti-collision devices
  • To construct 172 rail over bridges in FY12
  • To do away with all unmanned rail crossings in FY12
  • Started e-procurement system to ensure transparency
  • Saved Rs 300 crore on rail re-alignment
  • To give 12,000 acre for dedicated freight corridor
  • 442 station up-gradation to be completed by March
  • To cut booking charge on AC to Rs 10 versus Rs 20
  • Freight loading aim at 993 million tonne in FY12
  • Wagon procurement target at 18,000 units in FY12
  • To launch nine new Duranto, three Shatabdi trains
  • To introduce 56 new express trains
  • Frequency of 17 trains to be increased
  • To fill up 13,000 RPF jobs
  • FY12 operating ratio pegged at 91.1%
  • Lost Rs 2,000 crore in FY11 on iron ore export curbs
  • Disruption cost Rs 1,500 crore loss in FY11
  • Railways saved Rs 3,700 crore due to austerity steps
  • Operating ratio excluding pay panel arrears at 84% now
  • Double-stack container train from Gujarat to Gurgaon
  • Railway earnings set to top Rs 1 lakh crore mark in FY12
  • Expect railways financial health to revive in FY12
  • To see Rs 5,260 crore savings in FY12
  • See Rs 5,258 crore excess funds with railways in FY12
  • Freight target reduced by 20 million tonne to 924 million tonne
  • To complete 1,075 km new rail lines in FY12
  • Aim to complete dedicated freight corridor by December 2016
  • Concession for women senior citizen cut to 58 years versus 60 years
  • To double-line 867 km of rail tracks in FY12
  • To up capacity of 107 Mumbai local trains.

Source: Fwd Mail

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