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Our Chief Mentor Mr.Vivek Karwa over the last 11 years of Experience has obtained the Expertise to advice all kind of investors on any kind of Financial Advise required. Over the period we have become a one stop super market for all kind of financial products.

We at VRIDHI always had an inner flair for spreading Knowledge & believed that Educating the investors is the easiest way to Retain them with us as they start understanding the value of our services compared to the one medicine doctors!

We didn’t know we can deliver our expertise “In a Class Room” type set-up until a well-wisher of ours invited us to deliver a speech on Commodities Market, few years back! The feedback of the audience was the Trigger and we immediately realised our Hidden Potential.

That was just a start and we have come a long way today.

Over just past three years…

1. We have been empanelled with almost all premier institutes in Chennai rendering Personal Financial Education.

2. We have been on a regular basis delivering lectures on behalf of SEBI, TIA, BSE, NSE, LUGI, etc,.

3. We started our own institute providing training under the brand name VRIDHI Institute of Financial Services.

4. We have been appointed official Representatives of Financial Planning Standards Board India (FPSB India)

5. We now have renamed our institute as VRIDHI Training Advisory Pvt. Ltd. making ourselves a corporate entity.

Having come so far we thought that we should be into Training in a more professional way.

As the next step we have now launched a separate website for VRIDHI Training where all Knowledge Information and Educational Initiatives of our would be posted.

1 thought on “Blog for VRIDHI Training

  1. rajan

    now vivek “guru”
    r u having the consultancy for 3000/ and has become due this quarter.



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