Invest in e-Commodities

At VRIDHI you can invest in e-Commodities like e-Gold, e-Silver, e-Copper, etc,. VRIDHI brings you this facility through M/s.UNIFOUR Financial Services Pvt. Ltd., which has the trading facilities with M/s.National Spot Exchange Ltd., a Financial Technologies and MCX group company.

VRIDHI is a co-promoter of UNIFOUR, the team comprises names of industry stalwarts like Mr. V. Nagappan, the combined experience of the team in the financial markets runs more than 50 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why invest in commodities?

Commodities also are an important part of a portfolio when it comes to Asset Allocation. For e.g. Most of the investors if bullish on copper buy copper related stocks, commodities offer the opportunity to invest in copper directly.

What is e-Commodity?

e-Commodity is buying a commodity in Demat form. It works in the same manner how one invests in stock market.

Why invest in e-Commodities?

In the above example, if one were to buy a tonne of copper from the market, storing and safety itself would become a big headache for an investor, further unless one has the knowledge of copper he may not be able to ensure the quality.

Investing in e-Commodity is easy, online and the dematerialized form ensures that one gets pure material and can hold it for longer periods without worrying about storage.

What are the commodities available presently in e series?

Presently, e-Gold, e-Silver, e-Copper, e-Zinc, e-Lead are available. The list is increasing and soon we will have many more commodities in the e series.

Iam already investing in Stock Market through VRIDHI, Can I invest in e-Commodities in the existing account?

You will need a separate Commodity Trading and Commodity Trading account with us as the rules don’t permit to invest through your stock market account.

What is the Risk involved compared to investing in MCX or NCDEX or any other commodity futures exchange?

The risk in e-series is less since you can hold the commodity and wait for it to rise again in case the prices drop. In futures contract you need to book the loss compulsorily.

What is the settlement process?

Just like equity markets it is T+2 days when you trade in e-Commodities with VRIDHI.

Can I take Delivery?

Yes! Once you have the stipulated quantity in your demat you can take physical delivery of the commodity at the designated warehouse. Ware houses are located at almost all major cities in India.

I want to invest how to proceed?

You will require to open a commodity trading and a demat account. The list of documents required can be seen on the Trading Account page.

*Download Comparison Chart of Physical Gold vs ETF Gold vs e-Gold Click Here


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  1. Ohm Kumar

    The comparison Chart is very useful understanding the Physical Gold Vs ETF Gold Vs e Gold. It’s very detailed.



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