One Lac Reasons to Celebrate

Thanks to each and every visitor to our website which is going to cross the 1,00,000 Hits mark shortly. Special Thanks those who visit very frequently. Our website does not count a person as a second visitor if the traffic is coming from same system within 30 minutes!

This is a reason for us to celebrate! and on this occasion we Announce few special offers for the visitors. All the below offers have No Hidden Conditions Attached. The current count on our website as we post this is 96580 and the offer will close once we cross the 1,00,000 mark thus 3420 visitors can avail the benefit.

First time visitors who are not aware about VRIDHI can know about us here:

You can pick any one offer from the below mentioned choices: 

1. Detailed One Goal Plan:

Let us know any one goal of yours and we will draft out a solution for you. Few examples you may ask us are: How can I retire well, How much Tax can I save, Can I afford a loan, How can I protect my children’s future. etc,. etc,…

2. Plan your finances by meeting Mr.Vivek Karwa for 1 Hour at our office:

Need to meet Mr.Vivek Karwa for a comprehensive discussion about your finances? Just call us to fix up the timing and visit our office. You Are Welcome 🙂

3. Free Portfolio Review:

Don’t know if your existing portfolio will ever give you returns? Want to revamp your Mutual Funds or Equity Portfolio, mail us and we will reply. We will not be sharing this info with anybody else except you, not even your existing advisor.

4. Trade with us and join the MFF group:

Start Investing with us and you get 6 Months subscription to MarketFastFood group worth Rs.6000/-

*There are No Hidden Conditions to any of the offer *There are No Charges *The Schemes will close on hitting the 100000 hits mark *We will require some time to reply to your emails and queries, will start processing all requests after the offer has closed.

To contact us Click Here

P.S: To join our mailing list Type your email ID under the “Email Alerts” box on Left Hand side and click the “Click to Sign up” button.

4 thoughts on “One Lac Reasons to Celebrate

  1. MarketFastFood

    We are seeing a huge response for this offer. As said the facility will cease on hitting the One Lac Hits mark.

    There’s nothing to Loose in this offer! No binding conditions and 4 offers to choose from!




  2. Natarajan K

    I think there are many who does not have basic idea on how & where to invest – and this concept on financial planning will help many to be benefitted.

    Natarajan K


  3. Pervez

    an offer from you after a long time sir, thanks I have sent a mail seeking your appoitment to meet you. Pervez



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