Supershot by Ganguly

Looks like all Ganguly’s exit in style! Be it Cricketer Sourav Ganguly or the Supreme Court’s judge justice Asok Kumar Ganguly! Sourav Ganguly called it a day at an appropriate time and is being respected even today, Justice Ganguly will be remembered the way he delivered the historical judgement on 2G scam in the morning and then Retired at 4pm! The nation should thank the justice for giving back the nation its rightful asset which some of the politicians in the present government under the “guidance” of some big one’s looted. By no stretch of imagination should we imagine that the scam’s master mind is Raja who is celebrating his first year in jail today, his jail anniversary comes on the same day of the SC judgment! What a co-incidence!

One should understand that exiting at the correct time does not mean a defeat. In fact, it raises your dignity and respect in the eyes of people. The so called most honest person has fallen in love with the chair and is acting as dumb-deaf-blind when it comes to taking action against the few most dishonest people around him. The “Love with the Chair” phenomenon can be seen even in organizations where few people try to remain in posts permanently. Selfish people will always bring out Zero Loss theories since they work not for the country but just want to keep pleasing their boss. These people being Indian don’t work for India how can you expect the honesty from others? Just how cricketers in order to hit the “century of centuries” start shivering the moment 90 runs are crossed since at that point of time the interest of self overtakes the nation’s interest.

The only reasoning the corrupt people give for all wrong things is that they just followed Vajpayee led NDA government’s policies. That means only NDA 6 year rule has done all wrong things in the country since independence and all others daily take bath by milk! Grow up! People like swamy are right when they recommend some of these people to revisit their school of law! So will these corrupt people now refund all the monies which may have been illegally earned from these corporate’s who mostly may have been arm twisted in paying up the bribes.

The government has been committing one mistake after another, the sole reason for this is not accepting the fact that they are corrupt and trying to pass the blame on the other governments which only reflects their arrogance and immaturity and hence Saturdays verdict on the home minister may change many equations. These corrupt people sold the 2G for Rs.9000 approx, the latest 3G bid got the government almost Rs.69000 Crs, going by the arithmetic the re-auctioning of 2G can fetch the government around Rs.97000 Crs!

The SC has asked the non functional government to frame the policy within four months. Rs.97000 Crs is a huge amount which will really bring some relief to the alarming fiscal deficit burden. But one can’t be sure how will this money be spent? By way of legal bribing schemes like the “NREGA” or announcing newer Loan Waiver schemes ahead of the 2014 general elections.

This is the first time in history that a army chief has taken the government to the court. Instead of showing maturity and giving way to the army chief the government wants to fight back. They don’t understand that his post is so vulnerable one. An unhappy army chief can always be contacted by terrorist countries like the Pakistan and lure such hurt people to take revenge on the government.

Even after all these, if these people come to power in the present election bound states then God save our country from our own foolish voters! People will only get the government which they deserve.

Jai Hind


Writing as a Honest Bharatiya citizen.

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3 thoughts on “Supershot by Ganguly


    U have neatly reviewed the situaton. Our Mr Sibal looked like the great buffoon of Indian Politics and UPA and Congress!
    It is the duty of every patriotic India that all monies are brought from the corrupt and used for nation building . We shd be watchful, you have rightly cautioned that the expected revenue from re-auctioning is not squandered by the likes of Chidu and Pranav; Beware 2014 is election year and they will do every trick.
    K A Doraiswamy.


  2. Radha Venkatanarayanan

    Brilliant One Vivek ! Whether our country becomes “Sone ki chidiya” once again or not, there are many who have themselves become the golden sparrows with richly endowed swiss feathers. We people are to blame for not being responsible enough to exercise our franchise at the appropriate times and thereby ensuring that such wily persons are kept out of power and the influence thereby. it is our lethargy that we have chosen to remain quite for many decades now, simply overwhelmed with our work/families, and forgetting our electoral responsibilities and thus providing the platform for such persons to get away with policies aimed only at satisfying the whims and fancies of a chosen coterie and denying the large population our rights. It is now such a disease that anyone who speaks up even in soft undertones is taken to task with a CBI case promptly slapped on them. We cannot forget the truth that a few years ago maino mdm did not want to be in power at all and had chosen to stay away from active politics. It was at the behest of some glorious foreign educated people ably supported by “honest” men of letters with “breakthrough” liberalization policies that mdm was brought onto centre stage once again, never to look back, of course. The rest is much known to all so I need not even mention it here. Justice Ganguly has restored some faith in the judiciary of this country and yes he will be remembered and respected for this. Mera Bharat Mahaan hai- how else should I praise a country which calls Anna Hazare corrupt and Dr singh Honest ??!!


  3. R.Sridharan

    brilliantly written
    This congi government controlled by an insensitive cunning person called Antonia maino and an utterly unpatriotic and power hungry and slavish person named manmohan singh are ruining every institution – from the Military to the scintific establishments by their barbaric behavior.

    All they want is blind support to them irrespective what they do-
    if anyone stands up and speaks against their atrocities then they will use the most intemperate language and cruel strategems to torment and silence them.

    they respect terrorists.But humiliate army generals who give their lives for the Nation and the scientists who toil day and night to make the country proud.

    It is a great sin to vote for the congress. It is an insult to our noble forefathers- who like bees built up this hive called Bharat over thousands of years.
    It is time the ‘bears’ trying to gobble it up are vanquished.




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