Our well wishers are our strength

Most probably, by the time you would be reading this note, our website would have crossed the 1,00,000 visitors mark. We agree that when compared to some of the famous websites this may be a small number but for a company which made a humble beginning not very long ago this achievement is by no means, small !

VRIDHI was founded by the undersigned who is a first generation entrepreneur. The recognition we have got today has not been achieved overnight. Vivek Karwa had been working very hard for the first 7-8 years of career and the results of the same have shown up only in past 3 – 4 years in the form of success! We at VRIDHI have always been honest, and been genuine to the investors and thus, though slow we are happy where we stand today.

Frankly we have seen actual VRIDHI after the inception of our company VRIDHI as a Pvt. Ltd. entity, today we have three private limited companies in our group. We believe that if a person continues to focus on excellence success will never let you down, but keep in mind you, you may have to remain patient for very long. We have been working for investor’s interest, and would like to be recognized as the best personal financial advisors in TN soon and would like to be in the top 10 list in India in the near future.

We would be lying if we say 100% of our clients are fully satisfied but yes except few rare cases none of them have left us! 100% can’t be achieved by anyone and if someone claims so you can easily assume a hidden agenda there. We as a company run by an IFA – Independent Financial Advisor cannot afford to lose clients unlike large companies who have number of people working to bring 10 new clients if 1 leaves them.

The undersigned, now-a-days gets invited as guest speaker at various meetings and programs by companies and many a times shares stage with top bureaucrats. Even today, a company with global turnover of over 15000 Crs had invited the undersigned to educate their employees. You all know we have great passion for educating investors and one interesting question put by a person in the meeting was:

We are so busy in our daily routine and you say go only through a good advisor, how can we find out if our advisor is honest and good?

Our Answer: If you find any of these symptoms in your advisor, its time to change him/her

1. Your advisor is also your relative, brother in law, etc,. : If you feel you are giving business to these people to oblige them then immediately stop doing so. Oblige them in other ways not by investing your hard earned money.

2. Your HR ties with a company which sells same product to all: Any advisor/company selling the same product to all applying blanket rule then stay away! No two people are same and hence One product may not suit all.

3. Your advisor is a One Medicine Doctor: Imagine your advisor (read agent) has a tie up with just one company so what choices does he have but to sell this one product alone to you? If you doctor sells say only crocin then he has no other option to advise you crocin in case of fever, headache, even for liver failure!

There are many agents in the market who are either just an “Insurance Agent or Mutual Fund Agent” hence they will hear you patiently and finally end up giving you their product! These are just product sellers though they may call themselves planners!

4. Question Back: once an advice is given ask your agent why is this product which he is giving you good for you?

This list is not exhaustive but these few points itself can help you keep you’re hard earned money safe. We are sure some personal mails would be sent to us from our One Medicine Doctors asking us not to write so frankly, we are here to build relationships with our clients for next 20-25 years minimum and hence better be honest so as not to regret later.

Expecting your Similar Support to VRIDHI ever


Investment Strategist & Retirement Planner

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