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Product Briefing:

Small Introduction:

MarketFastFood – MFF is all about “Stock Market & Commodities Market Investing” and is a familiar name among the Investor Community globally. MFF is suitable to all those who wish to regularly Invest with Different Time Horizons!

You should subscribe to MFF if you are looking for Short Term, Medium Term, & Long Term investing ideas on a single platform. The performance of the product MarketFastFood has been par excellence till date.

The MFF service is operated by Vivek Karwa (moderator) in his Personal Capacity. To read his profile Click Here. Vivek Karwa is a Techno-Fundamental Analyst, Investor & Trader and has been Analysing Markets & Stocks for more than a decade now. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM by qualification.

Thus MFF is all about sharing our ideas with other investors for a fee which is affordable even by small investors across boundaries and borders. MFF is meant for investors who regularly want to invest, trade and see their capital grow gradually and is not meant for hardcore and intraday traders.

Why Join MFF?

1. Equity is an Asset Class which can give High Returns to investors, be a Small Investor or HNI.

2. Equity investment is relatively simpler than other forms of physical investment’s like Land, etc.,

3. MFF also advises in e-Commodities which just like equities can be held in demat form by the investors. Commodities generally move as per inflation.

4. Anyone from any profession can invest in equities and commodities provided they have proper guidance and source like MFF.

5. Joining the group MarketFastFood can help in deciding when and where to invest without one diverting his attention from his actual profession.

6. Suitable for investors with a capital of upto Rs.5 Lacs, who would also like to get Quality Recommendation’s at very reasonable charges.

for detailed Product Note and Charges info:

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E-Mail us on:

Call: +91 – 98-405-405-75 (10am to 5pm IST)


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3 thoughts on “MFF Subscription

  1. Silpa

    Hi Sir,

    I would like to subscribe to MFF. Can you please let me know the charges and the bank account details.



  2. Sridhar Balaji

    Big thanks to you sir, iam happy to read that mff is back. I will join on coming monday itself.

    sridhar balaji



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