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Product Briefing:

Small Introduction:-

InvestorsARCADE – IA is a product for Medium Term to Long Term Investors. There are all types of investors in the market, apart from short term traders and intraday traders there are investors who would like to invest in the market for longer periods of time with an aim to create wealth over time and with an aim to yield dividends in the process.

As told earlier InvestorsARCADE is a product for the people who would like to be Pure Investors in the market, hence its a product for those who would like to Buy and Hold for time horizons of anywhere between Three months and above with no upper limit, with timely and periodic review of the portfolio so that Profits can be booked if they arise earlier. IA will suit investors with Minimum capital of Rs.5 Lacs with no upper limit.

The IA service is operated by Vivek Karwa (Investment Strategist – IS), in his Personal Capacity. To read his profile Click Here. Vivek Karwa is a Techno-Fundamental Analyst, Investor & Trader and has been Analysing Markets & Stocks for more than a decade now. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM by qualification. IA is meant for investors who regularly want to Invest and see their capital grow gradually.

What is InvestorsARCADE and for whom it is meant?

1. IA is meant for those who would like to build a portfolio of Equities and e-Commodities so as to give the maximum push to one’s Financial Portfolio in order to maximise the returns over reasonable time frame.

2. IA is for those who would like to invest their money professionally so that your money works maximum for you. One may be expert in his field of work, but that does not mean that he can build a professional portfolio himself, hence a professional help is always advised.

3. IA will construct a portfolio of Only Individual Stocks or as a combination of Individual Stocks & e-Commodities as advised by the subscriber.

4. One can avail personalised IA service at the most affordable and transparent pricing.

5. The service can be availed by anyone across the world. As an investor you need not worry about the distance to get the Right Advice.

6. IA will suit with investors with minimum capital of Rs.5 Lacs and with Long Term as the Time Horizon.

Why Choose InvestorsARCADE?

1. The modus operandi of IA is that the service is totally unbiased. The subscriber to this service can be rest assured that he is getting the highest level of transparency when investing through IA.

2. The best part is that the Ownership of the portfolio is fully held by the Investor directly in his/her name. Hence the investor will not face any Exit Hurdles in case he/she wishes to do so!

5. Since the portfolios are personalised better Tax Planning would be possible by way of booking profits/losses at appropriate time, thus saving money further by way of taxes.

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