MFF – 120226 – 16:30 Hrs

120226 – We are publishing this MarketFastFood report after a gap of few months, earlier this was the only mode through which we used to communicate to the investors about our views on current events and the financial markets as such.

Infact those who have been following MarketFastFood past few years know it very well that it was started just like any other news letter but the contents and the recommendations which were given in the MFF reports made it instant hit and MFF became a very popular name among the smaller investors in particular. For Vivek Karwa, MFF was the first Success Story! MFF was the beginning and we are trending along the journey well. We are happy to announce that we have started accepting fresh subscriptions in MFF…

Though we have not been reaching investors through MFF we have been very active on Facebook, Twitter,, SMSgupshup and Television. Fact is, on television we are active in English, Hindi and Tamil channels.

We have been mentioning through these mediums regularly that we should not fear the European situation as something which can stall the whole world. Even our previous news letter was stressing a lot on this. The most pathetic thing about the analysts across the world including India is that they see all things through microscope and the result is they end up making mountain of a mole! Good things and Bad things are equally overblown.

We hope that atleast the Indian analysts can act more sensibly so that we don’t miss on every rally. Even this time before the small investors could buy the market rallied sharply just making them wonder. FIIs as usual are laughing their way to the bank. Except one or two none of the analysts on TV have ever given a bold buy.

The saying remains true that the bull runs are made in the worst of markets. When everyone was expecting US to remain in a big problem the Dow Jones has rallied and looks like will test the resistance area of 13250 – 13500 before giving any correction. We have been since very long mentioning live on television channels that Sensex should test 18300 – 18600 range, it did test the range and is in correction mode now!

The run in Indian markets has been not due to any change in fundamentals but only due to FII backing. The fundamentals continue to remain bleak under the present government which has been a total failure till now. It is sad to see that the party which has been ruling the country for 8 years now is using the reservations card for asking votes in UP. This shows that they have nothing good to speak about themselves. God save us!

So should we be buying now? Looking at the sensex we may feel that we are on the higher side of valuations as far as the short term is concerned but when we start looking at individual stocks we find that many of them are trading at levels they should trade if sensex was to be at 10000 levels.

We need to be stock specific and largely away from speculative stocks specially since there are many events which would be unfolding in the course of next few months.

Election Results will be a big factor! The UPA looses or wins it would be good for the market both ways in medium term. Then we will have the Budget with a Big Hole called deficit and the present economists in the country have no clue how to reduce the same. Within the time we are able to digest the Big Hole Budget we will have financial year ending and the results season approaching followed by the Monsoons!

The mantra to make money is simple, be specific and take the right advice. We at VRIDHI provide many types of services which we generally don’t market! Visit:

We have two stocks in mind which look good to us:

1. PTC India Ltd. (Power Trading Corporation) the stock is trading just under Rs.60/- and we see it as a good bet for long term investors. The stock looks a safe bet.

2. ESSL (Electrosteel Steels Ltd): This stock can be bought by investors with atleast 3 years as their holding capacity. The company is building its green field project and the stock is avble at Rs.7.23 a piece. You should assume a higher risk when buying this stock!

We would also request you to join the Email Alerts which is avble on the left side on our site and get emails as and when something is posted. We generally post only good quality stuff on the site!

Finally join the MarketFastFood group. The service starts on 15/3/2012 and we are happy to announce that all the investors subscribing for the Annual option will have to pay Rs.8000/- instead of the listed Rs.10000/- which is 20% discount. Investors with capital of Rs.5 Lacs and above can also join the InvestorsARCADE service.

To download the MarketFastFood document Click Here.



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