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130903 – Our market newsletter MarketFastFood has always received the best feedback, ever since it was started in the year 2008. Ofcourse, some of them have also been critical about our opinion on certain issues. We would like to be categorically clear that, we don’t write to please a section of people or the investors, but we write our opinion which might or might not match with some.

Some time back we received a feedback that writing articles tantamount to journalism, and a journalist should write without any bias. We would like to be very clear that VRIDHI is not a journalism company but is one of the most respected Financial Planning company in Chennai and as well as India. We help others plan their finances and live in an organized way.

India is going through a touch phase, and our media and journalists should be more focused on healthy issues on their tv channels… atleast on prime time! But the sad thing is… as we write this article all major main stream tv channels, currently are spending their prime time on debating Director General of Police Vanzara’s letter about NarendraModi… how ridiculous that they just need a story on Modi to increase their TRP ratings. The quality of debates don’t matter anymore, the TRPs alone matter!

There are hundreds of ‘quality’ issues which can be discussed. No media runs continuous stories on scams or on the matters which are haunting the country right now. Even if now someone tells us now that again we are biased, since this is a story involving a CM of a state. We would still debate that this matter is not of great relevance since the contents of the letter are still not verified or proven.

How many of you are aware that a FIR was recently issued on Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit for alledged misuse of public money to win the 2008 assembly polls? Most of us may not have seen the news, simply because it was not hyped about by our so called journalists, or maybe they ran the news as scrolls for formality sake! They need to come out of the obsession of Modi… atleast for the countries sake and leave the judgment to the public.

We had almost stayed away from posting the news letter for quite some time. There have been various factors behind it. Let’s not dwell about them. But yes, we have been receiving requests from many and we intent to write our views regularly henceforth. Infact as well wishers you can text us or even mail us reminding us to post our views, in case if we miss. All appreciations, suggestions, criticisms, sarcasms will be taken in right strides.

Market details will be posted regularly henceforth and hence would like to keep this posting as short as possible by discussing one of the most important, rather by discussing the tsunami which can hit the entire country.

The Standard and Poors (S&P) already have a Negative rating of BBB- on India and have said that there are 1 in 3 chances that India might be further downgraded if things don’t improve on ground. Our PM-FM-PC Chairman all are economists, but they fail to realize that even a notch downgrade now would mean categorization of India to Junk Status!

If this happens we will see money flooding out of the Indian Economy and Stock Markets. Most of the pension funds are not even allowed to invest in countries with junk status. Govt. needs to act, act swiftly, and god knows if they would ever! The Rupee hitting new lows daily is the signal towards this.

So expect market to be volatile. Life of an investor will not be any easy, atleast until this corrupt govt. is voted out of Delhi.

Big support for Sensex lies at 17400-17800, more in next posting. Remain hooked to by following us with your email id. Look at the box on left to signup for email alerts.


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1 thought on “MFF – 130903 – 22:56 Hrs

  1. Sunil Lalwani

    I tend to read your articles twice minimum. You always hit the nail straight on the head. Kudos to you.



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