be Wise and Make others also Wise

“One Who Gives His Best to the Society, Gets the Best In Return”

One Small Action of yours can Change the way your Employees, Colleagues, Friends, Acquaintances Look/Perceive Money and Wealth.

If you are the Decision Maker in your company,

If you are the HR Manager in your company or,

If you are an Employee who can initiate the below in your company/among your circle of friends, then You MUST Read this Short write up completely.

This is not a time bound issue (though most critical during the period Jan-Feb-Mar every year) and hence can be initiated round the year, year after year, and in the process help your Employees, Colleagues, Friends escape from the onslaught of unscrupulous agents and companies trying to grab the maximum pie from people who take decisions either unknowingly or under time pressure to submit the documents to the company for Investment Declarations!

Corporates generally allow some Financial Intermediaries or Agents to cater to the needs of the employees, particularly on advising them in saving tax and guiding them where and how to invest.

The companies allow these intermediaries to interact with the employees, just out of obligation and compulsions so that the employees are guided to some extent! This does not cater to the real needs your employees! Employers read this sentence once again 🙂

What actually happens in the process?

1. The Financial Intermediaries and Agents who deal in multiple products try to push the products, in which they earn highest commissions!

2. Even if the person dealing is an employee of a Big Brand, he is always driven by the Targets laid down by the company and hence, has to again push products which will earn his company the maximum revenue!

3. If you are engaging a particular Agent who distributes a particular product, then he has no other option but to recommend his product. He has no option!

Many more examples can be illustrated! We are mentioning this out of our Experience attained by interacting with so many employees from various companies across sectors! In none of the above cases you’ll find that the interest of your employee is taken care due to the conflict of interest among the intermediaries.

So what’s the solution?

Financial Planning is the way forward. In simple words “Financial Planning will help a person channelize his income in such a way that he will have the Right Sum of Money when the Need Arises” Click Here to read more about Financial Planning.

We at VRIDHI can help you in this. Given an opportunity, we can present to your employees the concept of Financial Planning and in the process educate them on Handling their Money Better! We do not intent to market or sell any product as at VRIDHI we are “Commissioned on a Mission”

If any of the employee wishes to avail our services on Financial Planning, we would be pleased to offer the same at a negligible fee of Rs.1000/- This fee is valid only to those approaching us from the companies we have done a presentation or to those who comes to us along with friends in a group of minimum Three! An opportunity is here for you, just strike it!

We are charging this small fee to keep up the seriousness of those utilizing our services! You have nothing to lose in it!

We give all our analysis and recommendations in Writing! This itself makes us Highly Responsible. Click Here to read more about VRIDHI. You will have total confidence on us once you talk and deal with us.

Hence without any further delay call us on +91-9551060808 and mail us on and take the first step in planning your employees future and bonding better with them.


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1 thought on “be Wise and Make others also Wise

  1. Nabil Shroff

    Wish vridhi’s further vridhi for the kind of service you guys doing to the public. I have forwarded the link to my hr dept and some of my friends.

    All the best mr.vivek karwa

    Nabil Shroff



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