MFF – 140517 – 21:45 Hrs

140517 – Finally, the most awaited results by the whole world, of the world’s largest democracy have been declared and has confirmed that it was not a Modi wave at all, those who were saying it’s a balloon, a gubbara were right, it was not Modi wave but was a Modi Tsunami..! Many call it Tsu’NaMo

This Tsunamo has, after UPA2 claimed its second victim #NitishKumar who got meager 2 seats of 40 in Bihar. Going by these standards many more should resign for the pathetic performances in their respective states. May be, they are more shameless and arrogant than Nitish.

There’s a saying in Hindi “Aasha Zindagi h, Neerasha Maut h” (Hope is Life, Despair is Death)

Indian’s were losing hope on back of slow growth, rising costs and insecure future which all occurred due to the total lack of governance under the Congress led, Manmohan Singh led UPA2 government. The grand old party has always played politics in India on religious grounds and repeated the same mistake again this time, forgetting that we are in a century where the people Demand Things, they want Development and Progress instead of lessons on who is good for which religion.

During this phase of Neerasha, Modi brought Aasha with his developmental agenda. But the opponents remained in 2002 and tried to give toffee lessons to people. Rest is history… we all know what people choose and delivered such a mandate that the grand old party has almost reduced to a regional party! Had there been few more seats to contest in TN, Amma would have been the biggest party in parliament.

Agreed, all others are meant to be against Modi, but I feel these are Three most Arrogant, Egoistic persons, who have been taught the best possible lesson by the public.

#ManiShankarAiyar tops the list, who has even lost his deposit but yet prefers to remain defiant!

The second is Nitish Kumar who after 17 yrs of alliance, ditched BJP, with a sudden rise of secularism in his heart!

Third is #ArvindKejriwal who just to prove that he is not scared of fighting Modi stood against him and lost! What en ego. Had he contested from somewhere else and entered parliament, he would have atleast been a constructive opposition and helped his party in long term!

Anyways it’s now time for us to focus on what BJP led, Modi led NDA government can do for our country. How can Modi bring back the limping economy back on track? We should know it is not going to be a easy task, considering the legacy which he is going to inherit from the UPA2.

This is what we mentioned in our latest MarketFastFood article… A Strong NDA and Modi becoming the PM: We may see a target of 24350 – 24950 on Sensex on same day! We would recommend being very cautious at those levels… Going by his current speeches we may see levels of 28630 – 30006 on Sensex by end of 2015, IF he walks his talk!

Allow us to credit ourselves (also request you to post your comments below this page) point by point for a change 🙂

1. We mentioned a strong NDA may see a Sensex level of 24350 – 24950 on same day, and we hit a high of 24956.6 within 5 mins of market opening!

2. We recommended to be cautious at those levels… market corrected during the day and closed below 24350, which was the lower side of our range!

No harm in we saying, next time you think of Investing think VRIDHI… “Aabki Baar VRIDHI”

Now it is time to see if we touch 28630 – 30006 within next 18 months! Off course the precondition is that Modi has to walk his talk. Who, we think would. He seems to be a person who is not eager to make money (14 yrs CM and no corruption charge) further he is a person who we think wants to go down the history as a person who did something for the country!

Few most Major things which Modi should do immediately upon assuming office: (not necessarily in correct order)

1. Approve the stalled projects: projects worth almost 550000 Crs are waiting for approval. Clearing all the blockades, and these projects kick starting will help the GDP immediately.

2. TAX reforms: other than increasing the tax free income slab, which we think will eventually happen, the new govt. should clean up the tax disputes which the previous govt. has created. The worst thing UPA2 could do was bringing the Retrospective Taxation!

3. STOP Subsidies and Freebies: Modi has never fought any election in Gujarat promising doles and freebies! Agreed that subsidies cannot be stopped fully, A method should be brought in so that the Subsidies actually reach the actual intended segments. Eg: Differential fuel pricing for Cars, SUVs and Essential Goods transportation!

4. Goods and Services Tax: Easy task now for BJP!

5. Infrastructure Spending: Both real and virtual… other than ports, bridges, etc, etc bringing in most government departments online would automatically bring more transparency and reduce corruption!

After long time India is seeing a single party majority and we are sure Modi is aware about the kind of faith reposed by people on him! If he delivers he would remain the PM of our country for next 10 years minimum!

One more thing which is in my personal wish list is: Rename India officially as BHARAT… Bharat would reflect our culture, identity, secularism directly! The word Hindustan may have opposition from Pseudo Secularists, but Bharat is a clean word and should be acceptable to all.

It is time to Modify your portfolios as well… we should surely look at Banking, PSUs, Capital Goods, Infrastructure at this point of time.

At Investors Service – Always

VIVEK KARWA, Certified Financial Planner and Wealth Creator


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