MODIfy Portfolio Offer

Every Indian is celebrating the Single Party majority in this election. People now expect India to come back on growth path. No coalition dharma excuses anymore!

Markets are expected to do well… but Will Your Portfolio Do Well?

Most Investors have Dud, Penny, Dead, Futureless stocks in their portfolios!

Hence, your portfolio may not do well even if markets do well, you Need to…

MODIfy your Portfolios Today!

We at VRIDHI can help you Restructure your portfolio so that it has Sky High Run at Earth Low Fees!

One Time Portfolio Restructuring Advisory Service Offer:


Portfolio Value in Rs.

One Time Fee’s


upto Rs.10 Lacs



10 to 25 Lacs



25 to 50 Lacs



50 to 100 Lacs



100+ Lacs


*We will accept all portfolio payments made till 31/5/2014

*The fee is variable since the number of stocks will differ and hence it is dangerous if one pays for 10 Lacs and tries to replicate for 100 Lacs

*We are charging marginal fee to keep up the seriousness and so that you can feel the exact skills of VRIDHI

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