MFF – 140624 – 21:52 Hrs

140624 – There’s a saying that “bull markets can climb the wall of worries”, same is the case with bear markets, they just ignore all good things around. We are no doubt, in a raging bull market. We all, also know that there are lots of worries to deal with the economy, these problems left behind by the previous government, if not corrected soon, can lead the country to sovereign crisis!

The Indian economy is in the ICU as an ailing patient, the strategy to treat this patient by the so called economists in the previous government was to, give the patient some pain killers and steroids and hand him a walking stick to walk as far as possible, before giving the next set of steroids. This can artificially make the economy feel strong but then this dose of steroids cannot last long.

The real treatment for long term healing is to do away with all flaws. For this the patient has to bear the brunt and pain of injections and has to go through the stress of physiotherapies so that he can start walking on his own, without any support and can also start running over a period of time.

We cannot keep Robbing Peter to pay Paul, this is the mentality the new government is showing right now. The previous government also knew this basic rule, but they didn’t have intention of implementing and saving the economy for their political survival. The recent rail fair hike proposal was readied by UPA but the present PM had to implement it, UPA didn’t implement it since they didn’t want to lose the opportunity to cry foul!

Bharat (India) has one big problem, that problem is commonly called Fiscal Deficit! If government keeps on funding the public by way of subsidies it can never start any development programs. The government cannot keep fishing and giving fish to the people, the government has to create scenarios by which people can go for fishing themselves. Every Indian is capable of doing this but they were never given the required opportunities.

Hence expect more hikes. Fuel, Gas, LPGs, Sugar etc, may go up. But this will reduce the subsidy burden on the government. In the process the fiscal deficit will be reduced, and take it for granted that when fiscal deficit comes down, we will see money from foreign investors flow into Bharat like water! We don’t mean FII flow in stock markets, we mean FDI flow as investments since there would be all chances that the rating of the country may be increased!

And when FDI comes as investments in the economy that will automatically make stock markets also run. If the plans of new government goes well, expect markets to create many millionaires in next few years! Yes many millionaires may be made by market in next few years but many would also be left behind!

The broad based rally is already over in the market, in a broad rally we find every company moving up! But the churning, volatility and selective buying has already started. Hence one has to toil little to find the companies which can get them some returns. It cannot be easy money forever in stock market.

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