A Multi Period Equity Advisory Service

India is developing very fast and the equity markets in India are expected to do Extremely well. Indian markets have been attracting lot of money from investors of other countries and this money flow into our market is only expected to increase in future.

We can expect that markets here will perform extremely well at least for a decade from now. Foreign investors are seeing huge prospects in markets here than our local investors! The local retail penetration is pathetically low in the country. Be it a small salary drawing person or an executive, be a small business owner or a CEO, all these people invest primarily in low yielding products like Bank FDs and Tax Saving Bonds!

Considering this low penetration the participation of retail investors in market can move only in one direction, and that direction is Up. Currently they are participating in markets indirectly through Insurance, ELSS MFs and other similar products. Hence more and more investors will come to invest in Indian Markets since if they Don’t, they would only be missing the most prosperous times!

The reasons of not coming into the market could be several. Few of them could be lack of knowledge, pre engagements, lack of proper advice and advisors. This is where our service PortfolioVRIDHI (PV) plays a crucial role!

MFF service comes to you from a well known Investment Strategist (IS) Vivek Karwa, CFPCM who has an experience of more than 12 years as an Investor in Indian Stock Market.

PortfolioVRIDHI is for you if:

1. You need personalized portfolio and personalized service. Don’t you want same thing when you go to a doctor? Yes your money is also equally important.

2. You want to avoid common schemes likes PMS or Mutual Funds.

3. You Want to be Active in market. Indian Markets just keep throwing up opportunities in various forms and you would like to Capitalize on All of them!

4. You don’t have much time to track movements yourself, and hence seek professional advice.

5. You seek the above services with Highest Transparency at Lowest Cost without any Geographical Barriers! Meaning you can be sitting in any part of the globe and your thirst for right advice can still be quenched by MarketFastFood.

To know details on… Risk Factors, Why choose PV over a MF/PMS? Other Points, etc.,

Call us or Write to us today


Office Mobile: +91 – 95510-6-0808



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