Quick Note

The maiden #RailwayBudget of the #MODIgovt has been announced and has made clear to all what could be expected from the #UnionBudget on the 10th.

The budget has not been unreasonably populist which we have always been seeing all these years. There were no further fair hikes since one round has already been done.

Very few new projects have been announced. It was a pleasing thing to hear when the minister said, we will announce new projects only if we have the intention to implement them. Hence no more artificial make up’s in the budget.

Announcement of Bullet train was in line with the expectations but is quite significant announcement since it reflects the intent to adoption of advanced technologies!

Overall the budget will augur well for the railways and in turn be good for the economy. We are seeing a correction in the market since the pre-budget rally has to fizzle out now. Once the budget season settles down, investors will start looking at fundamentals again. Look at companies which still have steam left, there are many such companies still in the market which investors can buy with reasonable safety to portfolio’s.

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