What Next on WTO?

‪#‎US‬ Secretary of State ‪#‎JohnKerry‬ has left Empty Handed this time! Don’t know with what face will he discuss things with ‪#‎Obama‬ now!

The previous UPA govt was almost about to sign the ‪#‎WTO‬ agreement, Anand Sharma, the then commerce minister had even hailed this anti-Bharat agreement!

‪#‎Modi‬ has just thrown this agreement into dustbin!

US has now got the real taste of what Bharat can stand for if real Nationalists rule the country!

Iam sure Most of us don’t understand WTO fully, why doesn’t the Media, show and debate this on TV instead of other trivial issues!

Why the so called anti-US parties like the Left and CPI, CPM are mum? Why don’t they hail this Pro-India move? They are quite just because Modi Sarkaar did this?

Difficult subject but will write about this to what ever extent I know in the next MFF article. Join the mailing list… see on left of the screen.


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