Japanese Drums Playing in Dalal Street

With the new government completing 100 days in office, the market seems to be celebrating the century in its own way! The Sensex has over the past whole week has been closing comfortably in green and also has been hitting its own century!

Market today open again with +ve sentiments on back of crude oil prices falling to 16 months low! This directly benefits the oil marketing companies and all the three major companies listed in this space saw a good recovery today.

The market got a booster dose when the news of Russia and Ukraine agreeing to come to a peace formula! If this really materializes we will be able to see the +ve sentiment continuing on back of global markets strength.

The sentiments are positive as the policy paralysis which was evident in the previous government seem to be over now. With Japan committing to invest 3.5 Trillion Yen in India (Rs.2,10,000 Crs) and the positive message by PM about Red Carpet instead of Red Tape will go down well with all the FII’s.

Though everything is moving in the right direction, investors should keep in mind that we have just started moving and the results are yet to show up. This may take another 6 to 12 months. Hence invest, but invest cautiously in sectors and stocks which look cheap.


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