MFF – 141022

Deepawali – Samavat 2071

India’s one of the most widely celebrated festival is Diwali and it generally comes in Oct-Nov of every year. We this time thought it might be appreciated by the investors if we post Deepawali special views on the world of investments. Hence today’s article! If you like the idea and have some comments you can post them at end of the article. Only when you post your views we get a chance to improve!

Almost a year back in our MFF Article dated 2/11/2013 we had given three pretty safe picks which investors like you can buy. The article can be read on this link:

All the three stocks were recommended for MT to LT and one of them was n particular mentioned to be bought for a bigger target.

The third stock was Apollo Hospitals @ 893, it went to hit a high of 1200+ and is currently trading at 1065.

The second stock was Castrol India @ 309, hit a high of around 440 and is currently at 417.

The stock recommended for bigger target was BEML @ 187, hit a high of around 850, and is still trading around 655/-

If you listened to us and have bought them, you can continue holding them for some more time. Since, in one of the articles, we had mentioned that we will stop tracking them for general readers. The mention took place here just for record sake.

We believe we are in the beginning of one of a major bull run. You may be wondering #Sensex has moved from 18000 levels to 27000 levels in last one year and #Nifty too has seen a similar movement. People are thinking market has already seen a major bull run and these VRIDHI guys are saying we are in beginning of a bull run!

Yes, we repeat we are most probably in the beginning of a major bull run. Last one year’s run was just the valuation correction which the markets saw. The sentiment was so spoilt past five years that, investors had started looking at equity word as a derogatory word!

We finally seem to be coming out of the mess. The all new government elected around 150 days back seem to have started functioning. The economy was in the ICU and needed treatment badly. The doctors available then were just incapable of handling this patient called #IndianEconomy.

The doctors have changed and the team is being led by a more assertive doctor. The expectations were running high! People thought the patient can be made to Run within the first 100 days, of this new team of doctors starting to treat. It was just not possible. A patient takes few months at least, first to come to the normal ward from the ICU and may take a year or two to start walking and running.

Enough of calling Indian Economy a patient! The signs of our country reviving are already seen. The government of India has finally realized only development can take our country forward. If we don’t develop, we may invite many crisis. Given the wide diversity of our country, literally in every sense, be it population, weather, vegetation, seasons, etc,. If planned well our country can lead the world.

Though we all tend to be apolitical, we all still are inclined towards a political view. Our view at VRIDHI is that we should support anyone who can take our country forward genuinely. After all, our job at VRIDHI is to make money for the clients on their investments and we will support anyone who can create a favorable macro picture.

The preliminary signals from the government has not only created a positive investment climate within Bharat but has also sent a message to the world investors that we are serious on reforms. Hopefully we continue seeing this, and if we see the right moves in future, markets will witness huge flow of money. Any direction towards a policy paralysis will entirely derail the economy and the markets also.

Hence INVEST! You can Make Money only if you decide to take Action to Invest! We at VRIDHI will help you in the process. We have been addressing many companies, investors and will continue to do so. Contact us anytime.

As a gesture we have decided Not to Charge any fee, for our advice on #MutualFund investing till 31/March/2015. Hence if you require any assistance in choosing the right fund for you and the way to go about call or mail us. You surely are on a wrong path if you decide to choose investing yourself just by looking at the stars the fund has received!

So what should happen till next Diwali? We would refrain from giving any numbers on the index as of now. We will, like every year be holding a program, Sensex-2015 in Dec’2015 wherein the future expectations would be revealed by prominent speakers. Whatever the index does, there are companies which can be invested in. One such company is:

Balmer Lawrie Ltd. CMP is 579/- again for a MT to LT bet. One may review the stock when it hits 750/- You can get in touch with our office in case of any clarifications and as said earlier advice on MF would be at no charge for next few months only.

We at VRIDHI wish you a very profitable new year ahead.

Best Wishes


Certified Financial Planner and Wealth Creator


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