VRIDHI Muthalitaalargal Kootam

Announcing, Interactive Investors Meeting “VRIDHI Muthalitaalargal Kootam

on Sunday, 7/12/2014 10 a.m. to 12 Noon

*Confirmations on First Come First Serve Basis only. Click Here for details.

~No Fee~

Post program update – 7/12/2014

We had a houseful session and had good interaction. Most of the investors were with less than 3 yrs experience in the market and some had even lost money! We all tried to find out the reasons for losing money in the markets and wish they make money in future.

The most unique part was that majority of those present where young and were keen to learn more. We didn’t have discussions on what to buy or sell but the session was fruitful since most of the discussions revolved around Fundamentals which is the key to make money!

Below is a picture of the meeting. Those who were present are free to comment and give your opinions. Others are also welcome with comments.

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2 thoughts on “VRIDHI Muthalitaalargal Kootam

  1. Senthil

    Hi Mr. Vivek Karwa,

    This is regarding the “Muthalitaalargal Kootam” meeting held on 07th Dec 2014.

    I would like to thank for giving me an opportunity to join this wonderful meet. It was really useful and informative. Only after attending the meeting I understood how much illiterate I am in terms of the market and its circle. It boosts me to dig in-depth about the market and the functionality.

    In my opinion the highlight part I consider about the meeting, would be the experience shared by everyone and your explanations on what went wrong and where we went wrong.

    Once again thank you for this opportunity.



  2. V.Veeraraghavulu

    Glad to note that a meeting is arranged for investors. Sorry that I miss this golden opportunity as I am now away from India. For my sake and for the benefit of other people who could not be accommodated due to space restrictions, I request a detailed report on the discussions be posted in this web site or through e-mail of the members of MarketFast Food. Wish the function all the success.



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