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The Sensex and the Nifty gave unexpected returns since May’2014, after the BJP led, NDA led Narendra Modi government came to power. The situation has changed, portfolios which were in dark green seem to have been painted with red. Market has corrected and as usual new entrants who came into the markets just in past one year are thinking have they committed a mistake?

What happens when there is an electricity failure at your home in the night for just two hours? The night becomes darker, you feel as if hell has fallen. Then one of you from your family lights a torch or a emergency or just a candle. Suddenly in the dark you feel a sigh of relief. Though the power has not returned, you feel as if things have turned for positive!

Our Indian economy had passed the same phase. We witnessed a decade of miss-rule with corruption as the main agenda led with personal agenda of each minister, which led to infighting within ministries, leading to emergence of various additional taxes which were to be paid in suitcases to get anything and everything moving in the stalled economy.

Iam particularly very angry with the last government’s 10 year miss-rule since it ruined my peak career period. One can say the peak career period of any human being is between ages 25 to 40. This is the period when one can work hard beyond the physical and mental capacity, since the age is on our side. Very few yrs are now left for me to cross the above age bracket! Whatever Iam today, is on account of my own hard work. Had the government, which was supposedly led by an economist, performed its duties properly, I would have been atleast 5x of what Iam today!

What is happening now? These people were rejected badly by the masses, who have given the torch to a new person, person who has proven capabilities as a CM for many terms, to perform and light the dark economy back to brightness. He has to perform, he has the mandate to perform but the same people who were rejected are trying to cause hindrance at every stage. They are taking help of lies, frivolous and imaginary arguments, misguiding people so that a person who has credibility as a CM and now has become the PM can be dethroned and their prince who has done nothing in life till date can be made to sit on that constitutional chair.

Coming back from the first para… the Sensex and Nifty have corrected. If you have entered into the markets for the first time with no previous experience, please don’t think you have committed a mistake by investing in India story. The #ModiSarkaar will complete its one year in office in the 3rd week of this month. The dust seems to have settled now, the unreasonably high expectations that the economy will recover in the first year itself seem to have got tempered now. This is actually good for the markets.

You can read the latest two articles which got published in ToI website on what KV Kamath has to say and Rajeev Chandrasekhar article. Both can be read on my facebook id

The opposition is trying to halt every move of the government so that the growth doesn’t come back. The biggest examples are the GST and the Land Ordinance. The opposition is trying to paint the government as anti farmer and pro corporate. They seem to have forgotten that internet is a great tool today and they cannot stop the right information to flow to public. Will they finally succeed in painting the government anti farmer and anti poor or not is a different subject, but they have Already painted themselves as Anti-Growth.

The Land Bill was passed in a hurry in 2013, purely eyeing on elections. BJP also committed the same mistake since they didn’t want to appear anti-anybody. Then after the government got formed, even the opposition ruled state CMs started cribbing that the flawed law passed by their high command will lead to chaos. Hence the changes in the land bill was necessary.

What has been included in the land bill? These are:

(a) such projects vital to national security or defence of India and every part thereof, including preparation for defence or defence production.

*Defence if for safety of the country. It cannot be anti poor, anti farmer or pro corporate.

(b) rural infrastructure including electrification.

*The rural says it all, it’s not urban. Poor live in rural areas or Adani’s and Ambani’s?

(c) affordable housing and housing for the poor people.

*The definition of affordable housing is houses worth less than Rs.25 lacs. Does the opposition mean Adani’s and Ambani’s will live in those houses?

(d) industrial corridors set up by the appropriate Government and its

undertakings (in which case the land shall be acquired up to one kilometre on

both sides of designated railway line or roads for such industrial corridor).

*If we need to grow we need to create industrial corridors. This only can stop migration of rural population to cities!

(e) infrastructure projects including projects under public-private

partnership where the ownership of land continues to vest with the Government.

*Anyone except the opposition parties in India have a doubt that India needs infra? Even opposition knows it but there aim is selfish.

In spite of all these if the opposition feels its anti blah blah.. there’s a section in the land ordinance namely: Section 10A(1) which reads as follows:

10A (1). The appropriate Government may, in the public interest, by notification, exempt any of the following projects from the application of the provisions of

Chapter II and Chapter III of this Act, namely:—  (Followed by all the 5 items mentioned above.)

Hence, the opposition can say: let NDA ruled states implement the bill and our states will use the power given and not let the bill get implemented in our states. They cannot say this… since the states implementing may show growth and their states may lose out and hence they may lose elections!

Thus it is in their selfish interest to create an anti-blah blah impression in the minds of public.

I believe my country, our country Bharat can get to the No.1 spot in the world. If we need to beat mighty China we need growth. Growth can come only when more and more companies start investing in India.

Factories, Bridges, Roads, Dams etc, etc., need land, they can’t be built above clouds!

Yes, farmer plight and the suicides are a concern. But that’s not new! More than 2.5 Lac farmers have committed suicides during the 10 yr miss-rule also! Hence it’s a concern which needs to be dealt with separately. Because of this you cannot hold the country to ransom. You cannot kill the patient in order to treat a disease.

People in political circles are just worried that if growth comes back, they will never be able to ask for votes again. Hence keep India poor.

Please don’t take this article as political. Majority of market movements happen on account of politics. That’s the Hard Reality! Everything mentioned above are facts. If the Modi government doesn’t perform I will be the first person to criticize it. As a professional I need growth, my growth can come only if my clients grow, my clients can grow only if they have good opportunities in work and life and that can happen only if Bharat (India in English) grows!

Trust the country. Remain invested, GST and Land Bill alone can take market above 30000 Index easily. Market is in panic due to the personal agendas of politicians. But when the civil societies opinions become more clear these people will have to mend their ways. And I believe both, GST and Land Bill will be reality soon. It will be sensible on part of the Modi Sarkaar to give excuses later. They have other constitutional power to pass these bills.  Hence I once again say Invest, if you are scared to enter in one go use the Systematic Wealth Creation Plan:

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